All Of Us Solo Quartet: Keepin It Local, In Bensonhurst


I’m not exactly sure what the All of Us Solo Quartet is. I’m not sure if they are just filmmakers, musicians, comedians or pranksters, but what I do know is that they released a bizarre new and funny ‘singing’ tour of Bensonhurst.

Member Phil Bianchi (aka Kelly Roberge) puts on his best young Marlon Brando Godfather impression, which I would guess make him more Robert De Nero, and vamps around Bensonhurst, visiting Milestone Park, Casa Calamari, C&C Catering and Riminis Pastry Shop among others.

His goal seems to be getting a bunch of food for his old Italian mother until a crucial lapse in memory provides for a twist ending… sort of.

Despite the zany premise, the film is very well shot, was pretty funny and provides a loving portrait of Bensonhurst.

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  • John_Ghead

    Seriously Willie? You don’t know the correct spelling of Robert DE NIRO?!

  • Kelly Roberge

    Hi Willie, just discovered your post. Thank you so much for the write up, we really appreciate it!