Closeout Heaven Comes To 86th Street


Source: Howard W. @setox via Twitter

Closeout Heaven, a new discount store, has opened at 2215 86th Street. According to tipster Howard W., the store sells “second hand products Costco stuff and clothes.”

There are quite a few discount variety stores on 86th Street, so it’ll be interesting to see how this one fares. Welcome to the neighborhood Closeout Heaven.


  1. Tina Bologna Apuzzo on

    yehhhhhhhhhh more junk. 86th street used to be so fashionable. now it’s a bazaar!

  2. Tonya Salam Gorga on

    Hm, when was 86th fashionable? It has always been bazaar-like from what I can remember (I have lived around this area for about twenty years)…and why comment on this article dated 3 years ago?

  3. Tina Bologna Apuzzo on

    hmmmmmmmm. back in the 70’s when i first lived here it was fashionable.

    there were shops like george richland for men, sugar sold shoes all made in italy, etc., etc.

    about me commenting 3 years later? i did not see the date.

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