Cristoforo Colombo Bakery & Pastry Shop Bakes Its Last Cake


Source: drumthwacket via Flickr

We’re sad to report that the Cristoforo Colombo Bakery & Pastry Shop at 6916 18th Avenue has closed. Last week, the staff held an auction of all of the store’s fixtures, according to an anonymous tipster.

The bakery was a neighborhood fixture and well-known for their seeded semolina bread.

Calls to the bakery were not returned.

Goodbye Cristoforo Colombo Bakery, you will be missed.

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  1. Yet another nail in the coffin of “Italian” Bensonhurst. Time goes on. Nothing we can do I guess.

  2. I think the name of that beauty school on 86th and 24th Ave was Ultissima…but I could be wrong…

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