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Grimm (File photo)

Congressman Michael Grimm addressed the Brooklyn Young Republican Club on Sunday, requesting the group’s support in what’s expected to be a fierce reelection campaign, saying that they must take his side to ensure there’s at least one GOP federal legislator representing New York City.

“I’m very optimistic with my chances. We have strong numbers. I’m a hard worker. I’ve assembled a good team,” Grimm said to the group, according to Politicker. “But I definitely need volunteers. So if there’s anyone here that would like to volunteer to make sure we keep at least one Republican at the federal level in New York City–at least one!–and then we need to start working on getting more … This is where it happens.”

Grimm is expected face off against former City Councilman Domenic Recchia, who is receiving strong fundraising and operational support from the national Democratic Party.

Grimm is seen as vulnerable, especially in light of a slew of recent headlines that appears to tie him to questionable fundraising practices. His campaign is also hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt from legal bills as he staves off an FBI investigation into fundraising during his 2010 campaign.

While Grimm didn’t talk about the investigation during the appearance, he did attack left-leaning ideology.

“This progressive liberal ideology is dangerous and it undermines everything this country was founded on,” he said.

He also placed blame for the GOP’s struggles on “branding problems.”

“We have a branding problem When you speak to younger people, especially females, they don’t truly understand what I see here – a diverse group,” he said. “What the Democrats have done is a good job of branding us as the white, rich elite.”

Grimm depicted Recchia as a “very liberal Democrat.”

Here’s his remarks in full:

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  • Concerned Citizen

    Grimm didn’t help himself with his bully antics at the State of the Union Address, assaulting an earnest local NY television news reporter! Talk about needing some better handlers… rein the leash in on this one!

  • Lisanne!

    Grimm has no idea of what this country was founded on. Among other things it was founded on the idea that our government should consist of statesmen, not ignorant thugs.