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A reader sent in the accompanying photos yesterday afternoon, writing, “Dunkin doughnuts, I just took a few shots uncertain as how it happened . I hope no one was hurt.”

The location is 86th Street near 20th Avenue, capturing what appears to be the aftermath of a care-versus-storefront collision.

We’re trying to track down information from the police department and will update this post when we hear back. But if you have any idea what happened and if there were injuries, let us know in the comments.



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  • lilmarra24

    Idg how he did that

  • Sean P. Fodera

    I noticed that they were doing storefront renovations on that shop yesterday afternoon. I can’t begin to imagine how the driver managed to hit that store. It’s under the El, and there are always cars parked along the street in front. To have ended up on the sidewalk at all is amazing.

  • thombro911

    Car’s accelerator could’ve jammed. Rarely ever happens but if the car for some reason doesn’t cut from the engine when put into neutral or reverse and the set of brakes don’t stop it, id rather hit a wall to unjam it instead of it continuing to gain speed. Thank god no one was hurt. And I’m only talking from a person experience with the jamming, it’s scary when you press the brakes and the car’s engine revs and continues to go when you’ve tried everything. Unless he wasn’t paying attention and it was completely his fault, in which case dude shouldn’t be driving until he learns that he’s operating a huge machine that can hurt and kill if used incorrectly.

    • Sean P. Fodera

      I get that. I just can’t figure out how he managed to hit the wall without hitting the El stanchions, or parked cars, or pedestrians. To have gotten on that sidewalk at all is pretty amazing.

      • Ned Berke

        This is probably the 7th or 8th car versus storefront or car-out-of-control story i’ve done in the past few years. I have so far been amazed (and hope it continues to stay this way) that no pedestrians or store employees were hurt in any of the incidents. It’s also amazing how they manage to dodge every obstacle like the el stanchions. It seems unlikely, but I see it over and over again…. now… I’m going to go knock on some wood.

        • thombro911

          Under pressure I’m glad these people were able to atleast keep control to make sure only car and stores received damage. Insurance surprisingly doesn’t hassle car to building damage and it’s written without any second thought or anyone having to rely on fault. More glad that the cars out of control were driven away from the El stanchions because hitting one of those at enough speed to jump those curbs could cause serious injury to the people in the car. And I’m knocking on wood with you, cause a store front will give some bend to it when hit, those El stanchions, are direct no to any help softening blow.

        • Andrew

          Dare I suggest that somebody might possibly have been speeding, and perhaps a bit of speed limit enforcement might be in order?

      • thombro911

        Yea, me either kinda glad he missed the El stanchions, parked cars and pedestrians cause nay of those scenarios would’ve led to serious complications and alot more damage for general injuries. If it was a jammed accelerator then, he drove possibly the best possible way to save his and others lives. But its also very likely he was in a parking spot and revved the gas and went into the wall because of not paying attention to his footing. And him getting on the sidewalk is the only reason I thought he scenario would be similar to mine with a jammed accelerator cause those sidewalks are steep for these exact reasons.


    Just another dumb BMW driver