Baby Shower At Bath Beach Yacht Club Ends With Gunshots

Excelsior Yacht Club, as seen from above. (Source: Google Maps)

Excelsior Yacht Club, as seen from above. (Source: Google Maps)

A baby shower at Bath Beach’s Excelsior Yacht Club ended with violence after a gunman opened fire, sending at least two people to the hospital on Saturday night.

Cops were called to the yacht club, at 1902 Shore Parkway, adjacent to Calvert Vaux Park, at approximately 11:00 p.m.

The Daily News reports on the grisly scene:

“There was a shooting,” one woman confirmed as she and other guests packed unopened shower gifts into an awaiting livery cab.

A stream of blood ran into the street next to colorfully wrapped presents, one with a teddy bear peeking out, and a package of diapers. Officials said a man was shot in the arm.

The paper reports that one of the two hospitalized victims sought medical treatment for a gunshot wound. News 12 reports that he was a 23-year-old man, wounded on his elbow. He is expected to recover.

The other person to seek medical attention was a woman who had difficulty breathing.

The shooter was still at large on Sunday, according to the Daily News.

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