Greenfield Asks Residents: Where Are The Worst Potholes?


The following is a press release from Councilman David Greenfield:

With one of the most challenging winters in recent memory finally coming to a close, Councilman David G. Greenfield is focusing on the condition of streets throughout his district and will work with the Department of Transportation to repair potholes and road surfaces that were damaged by this year’s harsh weather. To help facilitate this process, Councilman Greenfield is inviting the public to help identify the locations of potholes around Kensington, Boro Park, Midwood and Bensonhurst that are most in need of immediate attention, especially large craters that can damage vehicles or pose a safety hazard. Residents are asked to first report these potholes to 311, and to then call Councilman Greenfield’s district office at (718) 853-2704 and provide his staff with the specific location and the 311 reference number so that the request can prioritized.

“This was one of the harshest winters we have had in years, and there is no doubt that the constant freezing and thawing has wreaked havoc on the condition of our neighborhood streets. As always, I will be working closely with the Department of Transportation to make sure the worst potholes are filled in as quickly as possible and the worst streets are resurfaced this spring. Since residents know the community best, I am seeking the public’s help to identify which areas are truly most in need of attention so that any major hazards can be prioritized for repairs in the coming weeks,” said Councilman Greenfield.

Councilman Greenfield works closely with the DOT’s Brooklyn office each year to make sure that local streets most in need of resurfacing are included in the annual spring repaving schedule. During this process, priority is given to streets that are badly damaged and posing a safety hazard for drivers, pedestrians or cyclists, and to major thoroughfares with the highest volumes of traffic. Last year, this included work along 40th Street, New Utrecht Avenue, 48th Street, Ditmas Avenue, 17th Avenue, 65th Street, Avenue P, 66th Street and many others. Councilman Greenfield is also working closely with the DOT on the installation of traffic signals, stop signs, speed humps and pedestrian countdown signals around the district to improve safety and traffic flow.

Residents are asked to provide the 311 operator and Councilman Greenfield’s staff with as much specific information about the exact location of the pothole that needs to be filled, including nearby intersections or a street address. As the requests come in, Councilman Greenfield will coordinate with the DOT to ensure that the most urgent ones are promptly addressed based on the availability of city work crews.

“There is little doubt that this harsh winter is going to leave our local streets in horrendous shape, so it is important that we identify the stretches of roads that are most in need of repairs. That’s why I work closely with the Department of Transportation each spring, and why I am asking local residents to report the worst and most dangerous conditions to the city and my office for immediate attention,” added Councilman Greenfield.