Construction Worker Dies After He Is Struck By Falling Debris At Gutted Borough Park House



A construction worker form Briarwood, Queens has died after being struct by falling debris in a vacant Borough Park home Friday afternoon.

Cops responded to a 911 call of an unconscious man inside of 1229 45th Street on Friday, April 1,at approximately 2:16pm. Alex Santizo, 22, had been struck by debris from the and fallen down a stairwell shaft from the second floor to the first floor, according the NYPD.

He was taken to Maimonides Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

  • Zankief

    thats unfortunate, I wonder if he was wearing a hard hat :/

  • Zaisi

    Wow is this really the whole article? What about the man’s family? Was anyone actually charged for manslaughter, you know cause a man died due to their negligence? oh wait it’s the jews so i guess we can let it go.