This Is What 200 Pounds Of Pot Looks Like, Courtesy Of The 62


Police recovered more than 200 pounds of marijuana during a Bath Avenue raid Wednesday.

Two men, Shun Yang, 48, and Shao Chen, 47, were arrested charged with criminal possession of marijuana at around 12:35pm, according to cops. Narcotics officers worked with the Drug Enforcement Agency to execute a search warrant for the storefront at 1703 Bath Avenue.

The 62nd Precinct tweeted out a photo of the recovered product, which weighed a total of 206 pounds.

  • Rabbi approved

    have nothing better to do then find pot? go worry about all these crackheads running around on pain killers and heroin

    • Drew B

      I agree with this, I mean, heroin and pain killers are whats really killing the children nowadays. Look at all these kids on the street all cracked out, smh

      • Rabbi approved

        every where i go i see these kids with the heroin lean its disgusting and getting worse

        • Rabbi approved

          seen a kid on bay park way he looked so cracked out i came back around the block he was on a stretcher getting put into an ambulance

  • 1ifbyrain2ifbytrain

    Legalize it don’t criticize it,

  • Cannabus Jeff

    With states legalizing pot, it’s now a billion dollar business, Sooner the later all the states will legalize it, The money that will be taxed will help pay for things that the states need. While heroin pills are killing so many kids, Marijuana doesn’t kill anyone. Alcohol is legal & it causes so many deaths. Remember what the door mouse says.

    • cbklyn

      marijuana leads to pills and coke and all the other stuff they need cause weed is no longer strong enough for them!

      • Cannabus Jeff

        The weed today is so much stronger then years ago, the the buzz that it gives is very different then those other drugs. Most of the people who are addicts get that way because of prescription drugs that are flooding the whole nation.

        • joe_schmoe69

          The problem is the New York law sucks its only oils. Not edibles and dry herbs. It is also very limited with the people who can get it, only the worst pain, i.e. cancer, spinal injuries etc. Marijuana actually lowers the level of opiate overdoses but people don’t want to talk about that because they still buy the bullshit from William Randolph Hearst and his yellow journalistic campaign against marijuana.

          • Cannabus Jeff

            It’s also very hard to find, there are only a handful of medical stores around our state where you can get this product.The Department of Health who set this up has really screwed this up big time. Next November when a bunch of states are going to join the 4 other states & DC to legalize this billion dollar business. When will our elected officials take their “HEADs” out of the sand & get all this money into our state budgets & not the drug cartels. “Remember What The Door Mouse Said”

      • Rabbi approved

        no it doesn’t stop listening to those anti pot commercials get your head out of your ass