Filthy 18th Ave KFC Joins Fate Of Dreary 18th Ave McDonald’s

Photo by Rachel Silberstein/Bensonhurst Bean

Photo by Rachel Silberstein/Bensonhurst Bean

The notoriously grimy Kentucky Fried Chicken on 18th Avenue appears to be joining the fate of its former neighbor, a particularly depressing McDonald’s location that closed last year.

The fried chicken restaurant at 6510 18th Avenue shuttered last week, and construction workers were seen removing the giant Colonel Sanders sign and awning on Monday.

While the neighborhood’s only KFC has been a reliable staple for late night munchies, numerous Yelp reviewers complained that the store was always dirty, with tables coated in an oily film, and awful music blaring on the loudspeakers. More than one Yelper called the place was bleak “even for a KFC. Other complaints included undercooked birds, watery gravy, and burnt biscuits.

Photo via Google Maps

Bensonhurst’s KFC in better times (Photo via Google Maps)

No word yet on what will replace the KFC, but it seems that any store would be a upgrade.

  • Sean F

    I don’t care for KFC’s chicken, so I never noticed this location. I used to go to the McD’s there a lot, but usually only for takeout, so I wasn’t aware of any cleanliness issues.

    I wonder when they’ll finally get around to removing the long defunct Taco Bell on 18th across from the N train.

    • Yellow_NotePad

      Yeah, no clue what’s going on with that since it’s been closed since early 2000 or so.

  • Manny61

    Why go to KFC when you have DaVinci’s nearby?

    • PolishGuyFromBrooklyn

      Because some people like to have clogged arteries and want do die in a painful way from a brutal heart atack caused by processed chicken meat.

      • realToad #ToadSquad #NYC

        Its a real chickemn with bones

    • realToad #ToadSquad #NYC

      $3 for a slice… i had no problem with KfC.. gonna miss it

  • Ryan

    This KFC was the worst in NY

    • realToad #ToadSquad #NYC

      U cant afford ny. Fat boy

  • realToad #ToadSquad #NYC

    Nooo . Been goin there 6 years. Never had problems. Bring it back!!

  • alron711

    Is it true that THE VEGAS DINER is closing ? I heard rumors because of the raise in the minimum wages.

    • Sean F

      As of December 31, 2015, the Minimum Cash Wage for Tipped Workers in the Hospitality Industry in New York is $7.50 per hour if they earn enough in tips. It’s really not a lot of money that a diner shouldn’t be able to meet, if business and tips are good. The Vegas is always bustling with customers when I’ve been there, so I can’t imagine (unless tips have fallen off) that the minimum wage would be a reason for it to close.