Watch Breathtaking Video Of Humpback Whale Near Verrazano Bridge


A video of a humpback whale frolicking in Gravesend Bay near the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge has been floating around Youtube this summer.

Ten seconds into the footage, the whale can be seen leaping out of the water before diving back into the waves, delighting the family of four on board a boat, who filmed the giant animal. What a show-off!

As we’ve reported, sightings of whales, sharks, dolphins, and other sea mammal are not uncommon off our shores, particularly in the spring and early summer months. Occasionally, these spectacular sea creatures collide with the ships and boats in our waters — with tragic results. Last summer, a female Minke was decapitated by a ship’s propeller before it washed up on the shores of Brighton Beach.

Fortunately, life is looking pretty good for this whale. Check it out, and let us know what you think in the comments!

  • AMZProsser

    My husband and I went striper fishing in these waters back in June and we initially saw a whale off in the distance. A while later the whale actually surfaced close to our boat. It has to be the same whale. It was exciting and a little bit scary!

  • Evan1407

    The whale was frolicking? He was probably trying to jump out of that cesspool.

    • wombat247

      You probably also believe that Central Park is unsafe. How many years (decades?) has it been since you’ve been to New York?

      • Evan1407

        Born and raised, moron. If you think that water is so safe, take a drink. I DARE you!