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1 Gravesend Native Schools Taylor Swift On The *Real* New York In Hilarious Video

Oh, Taylor. First you released that terrible, terrible single about our beloved city. Then we learned that it was just a publicity stunt for your new role as the “Global Welcome Ambassador” for New York City’s tourism department. Well, some folks are not impressed with Taylor Swift’s shiny informational videos (such as this Tribeca-centric NYC vocabulary lesson). In a hilarious parody site (with a perfect…

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0 Trippy Photo Series Zooms In On “The End Of Brooklyn”

Photographer David Mandl has been snapping shots of dead ends in Brooklyn for 15 years. Now, while this may seem like a futile effort, the 125 pictures he’s accumulated tell a compelling story about the rough-and-tumble borough. The stillness and repetition in Mandl’s collection are surprisingly evocative. Aaron Rothman describes Mandl’s work in Places Journal: Occasionally, we catch a glimpse of urban activity…

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4 Garden A Symbol Of Resiliency In Sandy-Hit Bath Beach

In the months after Superstorm Sandy swept through Southern Brooklyn, including Bath Beach, there was help for people and pets, buildings and businesses. But one victim flew under the radar: the soil. When the ocean met the land, the salty water crept into the root systems of gardens and tree beds along the borough’s coast. While…

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1 Ice Cream Girl Battled City Hall For Dad’s Street Co-Naming

The street co-naming ceremony for Angelo “Chubby” Campanella last Sunday capped off a quiet, 5-year battle in which Maria “the Ice Cream Girl” Campanella beat back City Hall smugness to get her dad remembered. The fight for the new sign at 21st Avenue and 77th Street was chronicled this morning by the Daily Beast’s Michael…

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0 Wishing You A L’shana Tova!

Bensonhurst Bean wishes all of our observant readers a L’shanah tova. Have a terrific Rosh Hashanah, and a happy, healthy new year. For those interested in learning more about Rosh Hashanah and Jewish traditions, you can check out this website. As a reminder, Alternate Side Parking rules are suspended today and tomorrow. All other regulations, including parking…

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0 Get Free Daffodil Bulbs To Plant In Public Spaces

We’re only just on the brink of fall, but it’s not too soon to start thinking about next spring! And if you’re anything like us, one of the best indications that winter’s over is the appearance of daffodils all over the neighborhood, from tree pits to community gardens. Want to help make that happen? It’s…

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