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Source: Wikiwatcher1 via Wikimedia Commons

In a recent New York Times “Answers to Questions About New York” article, a reader asked which NYC high school sent the most players to play baseball in the Major Leagues.

The answer is Lafayette High School at 263o Benson Avenue. The school can boast an all-time NYC record of 13 student-athletes. Just to name a few, Sandy Koufax and John Franco are among the superstar graduates, according to Marge Feinberg, a spokeswoman for the Education Department.

How’s that for alumni?

As for the remaining 11 alums, they are yet to be named. Perhaps a sports fan reading this can tell us.

Source: WillMcC via Wikimedia Commons

With September right around the corner, parents are breathing a sigh of relief. As the back to school season officially turns into “back to sanity” for mom and dad, Community Educational District 21 released their calender of important events.

Parent teacher conferences are at the top of the list for calendar dates to remember. Lucky me, I grew up in the good old days of paper handouts, which were always somehow misplaced. Now that this information can be accessed electronically, there is no hiding notes sent home from parents anymore.

Call us narks if you want, but here are your parent teacher conference dates to remember:

Elementary Fall

  • Tuesday, November 13, 2012 Evening
  • Wednesday, November 14, 2012 Afternoon


  • Tuesday, March 12, 2013 Afternoon
  • Wednesday, March 13, 2013 Evening

Intermediate Schools Fall

  • Monday, November 19, 2012 Evening
  • Tuesday, November 20, 2012 Afternoon


  • Wednesday, February 27, 2013 Evening
  • Thursday, February 28, 2013 Afternoon

Schools may choose to have only a one day (both day and evening) conference. Please check with your child’s school to be sure.

Parents, how are you preparing for the start of the school year?


NYPD ballistics teams have linked the senseless murder of Isaac Kadare with the July 6th murder of Mohammed Gebeli. Both men were shot in their shops with a .22 caliber gun.

Police officers are going door to door in local stores warning shopkeepers to be careful and on the lookout for the suspect. They’re handing out wanted posters with his image.

The posters have also been hung all throughout the neighborhoods depicting the ruthless killer, according to Bay Ridge Journal blog.

“Neighbors are scared. Clerks are worried about staying open late,” Senator Martin Golden said.

Witnesses have come forward to describe the suspected killer. They said he seemed “disturbed,” wearing headphones, saying he was “putting a bullet in someone’s head.”

They also said he ran from a Mexican bakery near the scene of the crime, bumped into a witness and yelled. Then, jumped into a black or gray two-door jeep.

He is said to be about 5’5″ and weighing around 140 pounds. He walked into Kadare’s store wearing a ski mask.

Police officials also mention that there may be a significance in the street numbers and addresses of the two stores. Kadare’s store is at 1877 86th Street and Gebeli’s store is at 7718 Fifth Avenue. They believe the numbers to be numerical anagrams, though the meanings have not been released yet.

There is a $12,000 reward offered for information leading to the suspect’s arrest.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers website at or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then entering TIP577.

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Every Friday before dusk, for the last two decades, local car enthusiasts have driven to the old Caesar’s Bay Bazaar parking lot. They arrive in their ’74 Plymouth Dusters, ’68 Oldsmobile Delmont 88s and Ford Mustang Mach 1s. Normally, they keep these cars in the garage.

Though the automobiles may rarely see the road, when they do, they are showstoppers.

Keep reading about the meetups, and check out our photo gallery!

Source: Cec via Wikimedia Commons

Five hardworking students from low-income households were rewarded for their efforts with the First Scholarship Plus award during a recent ceremony.

Brooklyn Studio Secondary School (8310 21st Avenue) Valedictorian Elira Duro is among the recipients. The students describes her life’s as walks over “wobbly bridges.”

She faced hardship when her family came here from Albania in the late ’90s. She spent most of her childhood using the kitchen as her bedroom, as the family didn’t have the means to find a bigger place.

However, she struggled on to learn the English language and succeed in school.

Later, after a visit to Albania, she rediscovered her first language and decided to take greater pride in her cultural heritage.  Now, she mentors young Albanians living in New York. She also fundraises for those in need in her native country.

Her teachers recognized her passion and dedication and she was nominated for the scholarship. After receiving the good news, she plans to attend New York University in the fall.

Scholarship Plus is a scholarship program founded in 2010 to give financial assistance and support for promising New York City high school graduates who come from low-income households. The program provides students with support, such as paid internships and mentoring throughout their time at college.

A highlight of the event was the celebration of five teachers who were in turn nominated by a scholarship winner.  The teachers were introduced by their students and each received a certificate and an honorarium. For Duro, that teacher was Destiny Kangas.

The class of five Scholarship Plus winners stated that they want to study medicine, law and science because these are the subjects with which they can ameliorate the hardships of others.

Source: Google Maps

The body found last night at 86th Street and 19th Avenue belongs to a father of four and a small business owner, Isaac Kadare, 59.

He was found on the floor of his 99-cent store at 1877 86th Street by two customers at about 8:45 p.m. He was unconscious, so they called the police.

EMT personnel who arrived at the scene stated he had suffered from head trauma. An employee later said that the police were investigating this as a probable homicide. However, a police source mentioned that they may have been a heart attack followed by a fall. Nothing has been publicly confirmed yet, though police are calling this suspicious.

Kadare owned the two stores on the bottom floor and rented out the apartments above. He came to the United States from Israel and has two teenage daughters, a son and a 10-year-old daughter.

Neighbors remembered him as a “nice guy” and a “good person.” They said that his children often work in the store with him, but that they must have left a little early last night.

His family showed up quickly after hearing the news. His wife and daughter were hysterical.

“I don’t even know what to say. He loved his family, his four kids,” said his wife, Nancy Kadare through tears. She was hoping to celebrate his 60th birthday together next week.

“He was a really hard-working man, I don’t get it. A person is alive one day, and the next they are not.”

A tipster said that he drove by the store last night “and saw a huge chunk of the street blocked off.”

Police are not officially calling this a homicide until the medical examiner determines the cause of death.

Councilman David Greenfield has joined with the Sephardic Community Federation to offer a $5,000 reward leading to the arrest of the anyone involved in the incident. He also released the following statement:

I am deeply saddened that such a horrific act took place in our community, as there is no place for this type of violence in our society. My condolences to the family of Isaac Kadare, including his wife and four children. By all accounts, Mr. Kadare was a kind, caring and devoted family man who never hesitated to help those in need. I am joining with the Sephardic Community Federation to offer $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this heinous crime. We must stand together as a community and make sure the perpetrator is held accountable and taken off our streets as soon as possible.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers website at or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then entering TIP577.

UPDATE (2:10 p.m.): Senator Martin Golden is also offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

On his Twitter page he writes, “I am offering a $5,000 dollar reward to help solve the murder of Bensonhurst business owner Isaac Kadare. My sympathies are with his family.”

UPDATE (5:20 p.m.): Medical examiner’s office spokesperson Grace Bruges has been quoted as saying that the death of Isaac Kadare has been ruled a homicide.

The store owner who was found unconscious in his shop last night was stabbed in the throat and shot in the head, officials said.

There is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the responsible party.

Source: Mysid via Wikimedia Commons

Bensonhurst resident and NYPD police officer William Sena, 28, bought a lucky $1 million poker scratch-off ticket a few days ago. He’ll get to take home an extra $31,152 annually until 2031.

The cop works as a patrol officer at Midtown South and bought the ticket in Staten Island after his brother egged him on.

“Tears of joy were falling down my family’s faces,” he said at a press conference with his wife and 2-year-old daughter by his side.

Sena hopes to buy a house in Brooklyn and save for his daughter’s education with his winnings.

“I’m going to keep my job and still work every day,” he said. “I can’t retire. It doesn’t get you far anymore.”

Another Brooklyn man, Anthony Nastasi, 67, won $1 million in the Sweet Million drawing held last month. The plumber purchased his winning ticket at Sun Well Fruit Corp at 7120 Bay Parkway.

He elected to get a one-time lump sum of $623,040 to take care of his family and plan his retirement.

Looks like there may be something in the air here. Let’s strike while the iron is hot, our neighborhood is on a (bank) roll.


We hear from @NYScanner that a crime scene is being established at 86 Street and 19th Avenue. A body was found dead on arrival at the location.

NYPD has been there for about an hour. The identity or cause of death of the victim has not been released.

Any tipsters who want to send photos or have any information should email lvladimirova [at] bensonhurstbean [dot] com.

Photo courtesy of Seth Kusher/

Acclaimed photographer Seth Kushner is working really hard to get a gig at Benosnhurst Bean and Sheepshead Bites. First, he publishes an incredible essay all about Southern Brooklyn’s old school comic book shops, and now he’s posting photos documenting the 18th Avenue Feasts of yesteryear.

As far as I’m concerned, he’s hired.

“I grew up in nearby Sheepshead Bay,” he writes on Welcome to Trip City, “and my parents used to take me for a stroll and a bag of Zeppoles, deep-fried dough covered in powered sugar. You knew it was the real deal by how transparent the paper bag would become from the grease.”

Make sure to check out his well-written recollections of the Festa di Santa Rosalia and more of his photos. Also, use this time to get really excited because the Feast is back for 2012!