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The BWECC (Bensonhurst West End Community Council) rescheduled their meeting for Tuesday, October 30, 7:30 p.m., at the Harway Terrace Community Room, 2475 West 16th Street, opposite John Dewey High School.

Issues to be discussed include officials commenting on “local ticket traps and scams that are being perpetrated and how to avoid getting caught in them e.g. Bus Stop traps and new Credit Card dangers.”

The meetings, which are normally held on the fourth Monday every month, are informal town hall gatherings, where residents and special guest speakers can interact and raise issues regarding community concerns.

There is something about apples in a barrel. Something that says we can all get along. Unfortunately, the sour apple pickle at the Vicurria Market is the LAPD-meets-Rodney-King of pickles. It just doesn’t get along.

The first bite of this sour apple is not exactly traumatic, but somehow you instantly think of torture items thought up by the writers of Saturday Night Live. The first act would include being tied to a stretcher, forced to keep your mouth open and go through Oakley’s Car Wash ingesting the soap and suds and good old Oakley sweat.

Other types of sour apple torture could include: eating the chalked lines off a baseball field, attending a home-brewed vinegar party in the Appalachians, and being a participant on an extreme reality show called Lemonade Gone Wild! hosted by Lil’ Kim.

My second sampling of this pickle brought up slightly different images. The smell and taste brought to mind a big bag of Passover garbage with slightly spoiled Manischewitz mixing with the horseradish. Now that may be worth $2.19 a pound for some lucky pickle buyer, but I’ll stay on the sidelines.

A simpler reaction to this item is to just spit it out.

In fact, the car wash and other torturous sour apple pickle analogies are almost too generous. The aftertaste of this fermented concoction reminds me of really bad white wine. This reviewer imagined a wine made by his Great Uncle Shep on the roof of his Coney Island high rise using the finest white grapes available at Pathmark.

Uncle Shep could uncork this Luna Park Pinot Grigio made in a Ragu tomato sauce jar. It would have been full of bitterness and over acidity that formed during his process of fermentation. He would toast glasses, avoid the pigeon poop and talk about his work umpiring softball.

The sour apple pickle is a miss, and worth skipping. Save your hard earned pickle money for something a little more inviting, like a car wash!

Viccuria, 2275 86th Street, (718) 331-0100.

Is there a restaurant or specific dish you think we should check out? Let us know!

Source: Chmee2 via Wikimedia Commons

The neighborhood clean-up campaign sponsored by Assemblyman William Colton continues on October 27 at 29 Bay 25th Street from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.

The “Speak-Up & Clean-Up” campaign is looking for volunteers to participate in beautifying the neighborhood. As a reward they’ll get to see some sparkling streets and chow down on free pizza.

Volunteers will also receive a NYS Assembly certificate and community service hours.

The work will take place throughout 86th Street and in Bensonhurst Park. Tools and materials will be provided by the NYC Department of Sanitation and Home Depot.

For more information, please email Assemblyman Colton’s Special Assistant, Priscilla Consolo at

Groups are encouraged to attend, please let Consolo know if you are part of an organized group.

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CompStat reports are produced by the New York Police Department on a weekly basis. We publish the week’s statistics for the 62nd Precinct reports every Friday. The 62nd Precinct is the police command responsible for Bensonhurst and Bath Beach.

This Friday, October 24, you have another chance to witness a debate between Republican New York State Senator Martin Golden and Democratic challenger Andrew Gounardes on NY1 at 6:45 pm.

If the other debates are any indication, this one serves to be just as feisty as Golden and Gounardes square off on issues ranging from gun control, women’s rights, jobs and education.

Mitik, the adorable 236 pound Walrus seen in the video above, is beginning to thrive at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s New York Aquarium in Coney Island.

According to the New York Aquarium, Mitik, or Mit as he is more affectionately known, was discovered on the coast of Alaska by fishermen, tragically orphaned. After receiving care for a variety of health problems at the Alaska SeaLife Center, Mit has seemed to bounced back, and was welcomed to his new home in Coney Island, where he receives constant care.

In a report in the New York Times, Mit’s favorite toy is a plastic bucket, he loves swimming in the large pool at the aquarium, and he has finally gotten a taste of his first solid food, surf clams.

“He’s hitting every milestone we’re hoping to see,” said Jon Forrest Dohlin, director of the New York Aquarium in Coney Island, to the Times. “He still has some issues with his bladder, but they are trending in the right direction. Behaviorally, he’s doing great and we’re feeling good about his progress.”

The Times, in recognizing Mit’s unlimited level of cuteness, had this to say about what it’s like to be around Mit,

With his curious, playful personality and expressive eyes, it is tempting, aquarium officials say, to think of Mit as a big, slippery toddler. (The giant bottle of formula does not help.) He still needs — and receives — a lot of human contact. “He likes us to be physical, grab his flippers and roll him over,” Ms. Hiatt said. “And he still really loves to snuggle in close.”

Those dying to get a peek of the snuggable baby walrus Mit will have to wait to till next spring when he joins the other walruses at the aquarium, including 17-year-old Kulu and 30-year-old Nuka.

Screenshot from Vice’s video, showing Pinello serving a fresh white pie. Click to go to video.

In a new entry for Vice Magazine’s online show “Munchies,” Williamsburg “Best Pizza” owner and Bensonhurst native, Frank Pinello takes a tour of what he considers the best pizza shops in Bensonhurst on a nostalgic and delicious trip down memory lane.

The short film begins with Frank surrounded by his large and loving Italian family as they prepare to feast on his grandmother’s authentic Sicilian cooking which he cites as a major inspiration for his own pizza shop.

Action then shifts to Frank’s own “Best Pizza” in Williamsburg, a lively and fast growing hot spot for top notch pizza, made with fresh, high quality ingredients all cooked in a 100-year-old brick oven.

It is at this point when we meet Bill, Frank’s free-spirited, yet dedicated delivery man who joins Frank on his journey to Bensonhurst.  Both are determined to cram as much authentic Brooklyn pizza as possible, and they start at 6322 18th Avenue with J&V’s.

Frank lauds J&V’s square slice, for its “crispy bottom, a nice fluffy middle, [and] saucy, cheesy top to it.”

For round slices, Frank heads to 6514 18th Avenue for Da Vinci Pizzeria, which Frank describes as “Classic, these guys know how to do it right.” Bill giggles in approval.

For dessert, Frank and Bill head to 7001 18th Avenue for “Villa Bate Alba Bakery,” to pick up some world class espressos and cannoli. “Amazing,” is the response from a near speechless Frank.

Just when you think Frank and Bill have eaten themselves to death, they head back to Frank’s grandmother’s place for a huge Italian dinner featuring country style stuffed pizza, sausages, and Sicilian pasta.

Frank’s enthusiasm for cooking and food is best summed up by his father Steve.

“He loved to eat … he’d actually advice us on what spice to use every now and then, he’d put his own two cents in,” he said.

Correction (10/25/2012 @ 10:40 a.m.): The original version of this article incorrectly spelled Frank Pinello’s name as Pinelli. It has been corrected, and we offer our sincerest apologies to Pinello and our readers for the confusion.

Photo by Richard Resnick

Maybe this ominous photo of the Verrazano Bridge is a response to the proposed toll hike. Maybe it’s just some cool photography. Either way, here’s your creepy midweek photo, just in time for Halloween.

Okay, not exactly. This independently-produced (and a bit t00 long) video just shows one active member of the street sport practicing in Bensonhurst Park on Cropsey Avenue, but here’s to hoping this becomes a neighborhood sport.

Wait, maybe that’s irresponsible. Do not jump from tables to benches unless you really, really want to and are, like, a trained professional or something. Well, whatever you do, don’t sue us.

Here’s what this person said he was doing: “Kong , Palm spin progression, Safety Vault, Run to chess table jump off to slap Landing.”

This guy keeps practicing the moves, which is kind of impressive. Whatever this is, I’m into it but I do not endorse it for children, especially of litigious parents. Also, note the Russian hip-hop in the back, which I’m into as well.

Anonymous Parkourer, you’ve made a fan out of me.

State Senator Marty Golden will be hosting a town hall meeting October 24, 7:00 p.m. at Bay Ridge Preparatory School, 8101 Ridge Boulevard. Golden is inviting residents of the community to attend and discuss quality of life and legislative issues.

Representatives from the New York City Department of Finance, the Department of Buildings, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Parks and Recreation, the New York City Police Department, the New York City Fire Department and the Department of Sanitation have confirmed their attendance.

“I look forward to leading these conversations with the community so to provide an update on a variety of neighborhood issues and important legislation which I have recently been working on,” Golden stated. “I am glad to join with representatives of key City agencies to work with residents to resolve local problems in an effort to improve our quality of life. I hope you will join me…”

For more information, contact Golden’s office at (718) 238-6044 or email at