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Photo By Elle Spektor

Garbage in Milestone Park (Photo By Elle Spektor)

It is difficult for any city public park to remain perfectly clean, and Milestone Park has not been an exception to this rule. A group of volunteers decided to do something about it and the Brooklyn Daily Eagle is reporting that they took up their brooms and garbage bags and set about sweeping out all the trash they could find.

The cleanliness of Milestone Park, located on 18th Avenue between and 81st Street and 82nd Street, has been spotty to say the least. We’ve previously reported on household trash being dumped in heaps around the park and people using the park as a personal toilet.

The volunteers who decided to fight the mess were spurred on by Councilman Vincent Gentile and Assemblyman Bill Colton. A coalition of local residents, high school students, cub scouts and church groups showed up to clean the park up this past Sunday, all given supplies by the Department of Sanitation. Colton praised the volunteers who showed up to help beautify the neighborhood.

“It’s great for the park and it’s wonderful for the volunteers, too. They get a sense of pride in knowing that they did something good for their community,” Colton told the Daily Eagle.

Gentile hoped that the strong display of positive community activism would influence others to be more mindful in the future.

“Maybe if your neighbor sees you picking up litter, it will inspire them to be more conscious of their surroundings and think twice before littering next time,” Gentile said.

Aspiring volunteers who missed out on this cleaning fest have another opportunity coming up next month as Gentile and Colton promised a graffiti cleanup of 86th Street set for July 15.

So while we had a little snafu getting the name “Bensonhurst Bean” into the segment, they did manage to make me look fairly knowledgeable about neighborhood architecture in between all the Three Stooges impersonations.

In the above video, yours truly pounds the pavement with veteran TV reporter Chauncey Howell and an excellent camera man whose name I regretfully forgot in the commotion of filming. It was fun admiring the handsome homes, as well as the warm, witty people of Bensonhurst.

We spent some time in the low 60’s off Bay Parkway, 17th Avenue between 81st Street and 83rd Street and various spots along 18th Avenue – including a trip to Villabate Alba Bakery (7001 18th Ave).

Big up to my Aunt Rita who happened to make a quick cameo as she was walking down the block!

November Blogwrap

Yes, this photo was taken last spring.

This is Bensonhurst Bean’s monthly blogwrap, where we highlight some of the stories that have affected Bensonhurst over the last month, as covered by both local and mainstream media.

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Borough President Marty Markowitz has just announced on his Facebook page that the Christa McAuliffe School/I.S. 187 evacuation center is currently full.

Anyone planning to go there should instead proceed to a secondary location set up at the Dyker Heights School/I.S. 201 (8010 12th Avenue), located at 12th Avenue between 80th Street and 81st Street.

Bensonhurst Bean will continue to bring you any further updates as we hear about them.

If you’re still attempting to evacuate from Zone A, you can find out more about transportation options at our sister site Sheepshead Bites.

The flea market at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit will be coming back to Bay Parkway, beginning two Saturdays from now, on September 3.

Bensonhurst Bean visited the biweekly event in May for some browsing and a little bit of buying. We had a great time and look forward to checking it out again.

Anyone interested in being a vendor can show up the morning of the market. Just make sure to get there early! A spot with a table and chair costs $35.

This is a great neighborhood event that brings colorful characters from all over. If you’ve ever wanted to while away a lazy Saturday buying or selling furniture, antiques, clothing and various other collectible items, this is the place for you.

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit is located at 8117 Bay Parkway, between 81st Street and 82nd Street. Flea markets will be held every other Saturday – weather permitting – beginning September 3, from 9 a.m to 4 p.m. Please call 718 837-0412 for more information.

Thanks to reader Amber D. for the heads up!