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Big Nick Cavalieri, the former owner of Nick’s Discount Store at 1669 Bath Avenue, got in touch to tell us that he’s opened a new business – Neighborhood Guys Bagels Deli & Grocery at 1656 Bath Avenue.

We wrote about Cavalieri back in late 2011, after the discount store was featured in the New York Times for Nick’s ability to connect with customers regardless of the changing demographics. Just a month later, in January 2012, he sold the discount store after 35 years, attributing it to… changing demographics.

But Big Nick is back, and now he’s slinging some chicken parm – and, quite frankly, wherever you may hail from, chicken parm is speaking your language.

Check out the new store and let us know how it is!

Source: mikey k via flickr

Two 12-year-old Brooklyn boys, one in Borough Park and one in Bath Beach, were injured in car accidents last week, according to a New York Post report.

The accident in Borough Park occurred when a private religious school bus struck a boy riding a bicycle at 7:45 a.m. on 12th Avenue and 40th Street.

“I saw the kid’s leg under the bus. I called the Hatzollah ambulance,” said She Rosenabum, 38. “He was screaming and yelling in pain.”

Rosenbaum said the child’s mother came to see him, and was distraught. “She was definitely crying ‘what happened? What’s going to be? I want you to live’,” he said. “He comes here every morning.”

In Bath Beach, the accident also occurred at 7:45 a.m. when a car hit a boy on Bath Avenue and 24th Street. The boy was subsequently treated for head trauma at Lutheran Hospital. The child is expected to survive.

A woman had her purse stolen on Bay 25th Street in Bath Beach earlier this month. Fortunately for investigators, footage of the robbery was caught on a home’s security camera.

The incident – which took place on Feb 3, in front of 179 Bay 25th Street near Bath Avenue according to News 12,  almost took a turn for the worse when the thief began to drag the stroller that he snatched the purse from – a stroller containing the woman’s grandson. Fortunately the small child, who was napping at the time, was not injured.

The woman says the man managed to get away with just under $500 in cash and gift cards.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crimestoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

Source: Google Maps

Nick Cavalieri, the 17 year owner of Nick’s Discount Store (1669 Bath Avenue), sold the business to new owners at the end of December, according to an article published in the Home Reporter earlier this month. Continue Reading »

source: James Estrin via New York Times

A piece in yesterday’s New York Times featured Nick’s Discount Store, which has been a fixture on Bath Avenue for 17 years.

The article documents how owner Dominick Cavalieri, aka Big Nick, uses a combination of bonhomie and generosity to engage the changing clientele at his combination 99 cent store and deli. Continue Reading »

Ephemeral New York has a piece on the mysterious death of one of the most prolific builders of 19th Century Gotham, Calvert Vaux. Vaux met his demise right here in Bensonhurst, in the same body of water another untimely death occurred over the weekend.

Calvert Vaux, who, along with partner Frederick Law Olmstead, had designed both Central Park and Prospect Park, was staying with his son on 20th Avenue between Bath Avenue and Benson Avenue when, on November 21, 1895, newspapers announced the famous architect was missing.

Ephemeral New York (quote from NY Times):

“Mr. Vaux had left in his son’s house a gold watch and chain and his vest. It is believed he had about $2 in change in his pockets.”

Hotels, hospitals, even Prospect Park were all searched. But Vaux was nowhere to be found.

The next day’s paper reported grim news: Vaux’s body was found in Gravesend Bay.

Journalists at the Times speculated that the then 70-rear-old Vaux had simply fallen “off the pier in an attack of dizziness or faintness.”

Vaux’s son did not believe for a second his father had committed suicide and authorities ruled out murder almost immediately.

Captain Ditmar, a local whose pier Vaux had walked out towards, saw Vaux and according to the Times, had even spoken with him.

Today, almost 116 years later, the death remains shrouded in mystery.