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City Council analyst John Lisyanskiy officially threw his hat in the ring for Coney Island’s 47th District on December 16 with an e-mail blast to supporters, making him one of two candidates for the district to forego the political hand-wringing over redistricting and jump in the race. Meanwhile, others in what was expected to be a somewhat crowded field for the Democratic nod, are reconsidering their runs – and almost all are urging constituents to turn out to tomorrow’s Districting Committee hearing to oppose the plan.

Lisyanskiy is one of four Democratic contenders vying to replace term-limited Domenic Recchia that have registered committees with the Campaign Finance Board. Lisyanskiy is joined by activist Todd DobrinMichael Treybich, an attorney and deputy legal director for the New York State Young Democrats; and Brian Gotlieb, former chairman of Community Board 13.

Lisyanskiy, who serves as a legislative budget aide in the City Council under Speaker Christine Quinn, jumps in the race with tens of thousands of dollars collected for a 2009 run that ultimately fizzled after term limits were extended. The campaign’s announcement came weeks before the council’s district lines are set to be finalized, a process which could see a campaign’s key constituencies flung into a neighboring district.

But Lisyanskiy said the latest district lines were of little concern in determining whether or not to run.

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A plan for newly drawn boundaries has created a 51% Asian state Assembly district made up of parts of Sunset Park, Dyker Heights and Bensonhurst.

Asian-American groups had promoted a district to help enfranchise a community that has grown 46% in the last ten years, writes the Daily News.

“We love it,” said Steve Chung, head of the head of the United Chinese Association of Brooklyn. “We would like to elect someone who can represent us, support us, and know our interests and our needs.

“It can really motivate a lot of Asian people. Before they might feel reluctant [to participate in politics] and I don’t blame them,” he said. “They have a better chance to win now.”

The plan also redraws state Senate districts. The Senate maps, drawn up by the GOP dominated state Senate, create a “super Jewish” district in Borough Park, Midwood and parts of Flatbush, giving Republicans the upper hand among the district’s conservative Orthodox Jewish voters.

A map of the Assembly Districts that have an Asian-American population above 20 percent. (Source: Citizens Union via Brooklyn Ink)

With the claim that the Asian vote in Western Brooklyn is too diluted, Asian-American civic groups continue to advocate for a majority Asian New York State Assembly District – comprised of sections of Sunset Park, Dyker Heights and Bensonhurst, writes the Brooklyn Ink.

After their public hearing last month, the New York State Legislative Task Force is expected to release a first draft of new district lines this month. District boundaries are redrawn every ten years to reflect demographic changes in the latest census results. Continue Reading »

Lou Powsner (Photo Credit: Daniel Bush via Brooklyn Daily)

An editorial in today’s Brooklyn Paper features longtime community activist Lou Powsner lamenting Bensonhurst’s lack of unified political representation in City Hall. Continue Reading »

State Senators Marty Golden and Carl Kruger's districts

The original post accidentally stated that there would be a hearing on redistricting at Borough Hall tomorrow at 10 a.m. The hearing was actually this morning. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Sheepshead Bites ran a great story yesterday about redistricting.

In addition to some very important coverage regarding the possible disappearance of Anthony Weiner’s old 9th U.S. Congressional District, the report includes the above New York State Senate District Map for Southern Brooklyn.

Anything about the map look funny to you?

On the Federal level, the good folks of Bensonhurst are certainly no strangers to gerrymandering.

Similar to what could happen to Sheepshead Bay if District 9 is dissolved, our community is pretty much split down the middle between two districts – 8 and 13.

And as was already the case for District 9 before Weiner’s no-sex scandal, both District 8 and District 13 are represented by non-Brooklynites.

What say you?

Should residents from Bay Ridge to Bergen Beach just get one consolidated district to represent Southern B-K to the fullest?