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by emilydickinsonridesabmx via Flickr

Three boardwalk businesses have now secured long term leases in Coney Island.

After reporting last week that longtime Prospect Heights diner Tom’s Restaurant would be opening a second location in Coney Island, NY1 says Ruby’s and Paul’s Daughter are also agreeing to eight year leases with landlord Zamperla. Continue Reading »

Country music singer-songwriter Alan Jackson gave new meaning to Southern Brooklyn music this past weekend, part of which was spent filming scenes for an upcoming video in Coney Island.

Jackson, who unlike many in Coney Island, hails from Georgia the state rather than the former Soviet republic, played for the cameras in front of now-shuttered boardwalk restaurant Paul’s Daughter.

Amusing the Zillion bemoaned the loss of much of the eatery’s historical hand-painted signage during the previous month. In November, the site had reported that the ultimate fate of Paul’s Daughter, which was to be saved, may still be in jeopardy.

Overlooking the boardwalk from the world-famous Wonderwheel (image by Grace O'Malley for Bensonhurst Bean)

New York 1 is reporting that Coney Island landlord Zamperla has asked both Ruby’s Bar and Paul’s Daughter to stay.

Both longtime boardwalk businesses had previously been facing eviction by the Vicenza, Italy-based amusement manufacturer.

From NY1:

Ruby’s and Paul’s Daughter, which have been operating on the boardwalk for decades, were supposed to vacate their space permanently by October 31. But now the landlord Zamperla has offered them a long-term lease to keep their bar and eateries.

It comes after sources say a deal with another restaurant operator fell through.

NY1 also indicates that Michele Merlo and Julio Gonzalez of Miami’s CONYCO LLC, who Zamperla had chosen to remake Coney Island with new businesses, will no longer be taking over on November 1. The cable news channel cited an unsuccessful attempt by the pair to open an ice cream shop on the boardwalk this past summer.

Zamperla is reportedly in talks with both Ruby’s and Paul’s Daughter, offering two of Coney Island’s oldest operators 8 year leases.