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December Blogwrap

This is Bensonhurst Bean’s monthly blogwrap, where we highlight some of the stories that have affected Bensonhurst over the last month, as covered by both local and mainstream media.

From Florida To Brooklyn To Care For Her Ailing Sister [New York Times]

Bensonhurst Middle School Leads City In Sexting Suspensions [The L Magazine]

DSNY Cleans Filthy Brooklyn Street, But Problems Remain [NY 1]

Asian Americans File Suit In Brooklyn Federal Court [Brooklyn Eagle]

Cops Say Drunk Driver Kills Honor Student [Brooklyn Eagle]

Larry King: Can’t Take Brooklyn Out Of The Boy [New York Natives]

Annual Living Nativity Scene Goes On [Brooklyn Daily]

A page from a collection of Guthrie's sheet music includes his Mermaid Avenue address

In preparation for next year’s centennial of Woody Guthrie’s birth, today’s New York Times carried a story about an exhibition and study center being built – in honor of the man who wrote This Land Is Your Land – in his home state of Oklahoma.

Due to the article’s focus, it failed to mention that beginning in 1946, Woody spent around eight years living at 3520 Mermaid Avenue in Coney Island.

He even wrote a song about it.

Want more proof? Click Here For The Lyrics

The accompanying photos by Aleksandr R. were so impressive, we just had to share them with our readers. They were taken on 82nd Street, between 18th Avenue and 19th Avenue. Click Here For More Photos

Merry Christmas!

23rd Avenue in BENSONHURST

The entire Bensonhurst Bean team wishes all of our readers a happy and safe Christmas day.

We’ll have a light posting schedule over the next week, so feel free to keep checking in with us for new articles.

Furthermore, if you happen to hear of any breaking news, please e-mail us at jteutonico[at]bensonhurstbean[dot]com.

Merry Christmas!

84th Street and 12th Avenue, Dyker Heights (Photo by Frank P.)

A huge thanks to all of our readers who sent in such fantastic holiday lights photos!

From Bay Ridge, to Dyker Heights, to Gravesend – you helped show the world that Southwestern Brooklyn has some of the most beautiful and over the top Christmas displays in New York City – a place known all over the globe for its holiday season decorations. Click Here For More Photos

The above photo is by Violette79 via Flickr. Violette, who used a Sony DSC-W1, provided the following brief description:


everyone shops at the Chinese supermarket

Do you?

Source: idovermani via Flickr

Are you one of those people who invest hours or even days into your Christmas lights? Or maybe you prefer to just to take pretty pictures of your neighbor’s decorations?

Either way, Bensonhurst Bean has a sure fire way to share your work with family, friends and strangers from around the globe.

Just send in your photos of holiday lights displays from places like Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, West Gravesend or Bay Ridge and we’ll do the rest.

People travel from all over the world to see our lights, so there’s no reason we can’t outshine a certain other blog that’s doing the same thing.

Please e-mail your photos with “Holiday Lights” in the subject line to jteutonico [at] bensonhurstbean [dot] com.

The above photo of the walk signal at 64th Street and Bay Parkway was sent in by reader Victoria Y. who writes:

Walking to the N train on bayparkway from 63st I noticed that the walk sign is just hanging from a cable wire on 64st, maybe someone broke it or the wind did it, all I know that if it was the wind, it must have been strong enough to do that much damage.

The destruction appears to have been done by the wind. Or was it?

If you were charged with the task of determining who or what was responsible for the damage, the first thing you might want to do is question these guys. Just sayin':

by ceonyc via Flickr

Living in the northeastern section of Bensonhurst, when we think of an elevated subway line with great views our thoughts naturally gravitate towards the McDonald Avenue El and the Culver Line, which are served by the F train.

The above photo, taken using a Sanyo C1, shows that you can also get some great views – including a closer glimpse of the Verrazano Bridge – from the 71st Street station of the West End Line, which the D train currently runs on.

Remember when this used to be the B line?

November Blogwrap

Yes, this photo was taken last spring.

This is Bensonhurst Bean’s monthly blogwrap, where we highlight some of the stories that have affected Bensonhurst over the last month, as covered by both local and mainstream media.

City Slams Calko – Again!  [Brooklyn Daily]

Greater New York Ice Hockey League Assists Bensonhurst Food Pantry [Brooklyn Daily]

Accessible, From All Four Corners Of The World [New York Times]

Chasing Every Student, For Money [New York Times]

Pedestrian Burdens: Sidewalk Atrocities in Bensonhurst [StreetsBlog]

World War II Veteran To Receive French Government’s Highest Honor [Daily News]

On This Day In History: Nov 9 That Incredible Hulk [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]


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