Hazards Of The Sea Beach N Line Stations


Source: Lana I.

It’s been observed by public transit riders that several stations along the Sea Beach line are corroded and completely falling apart.

Not too long ago, a rain gutter detached from the roof of the 18th Avenue N train station and fell onto the platform.

Peeling paint, water leaks, cracked walls and rusting stairways can be frightening for commuters, but unfortunately, none of this will be dealt with by the MTA until much, much later.

According to the MTA website, stations from 8th Avenue to 86th Street aren’t scheduled for repairs until October of 2014. The work is due to last through September of 2018.

It’s hard to say what’s worse, the dangerous conditions at the stations or the slow like molasses repair work and imminent service changes to come. Actually, it’s all equally horrible. Let us commiserate in the comments section below.

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