Bensonhurst As Beverage: New Cocktail Named After Neighborhood



Mixed drink-devoted website The Intoxicologist is featuring a new, I mean old, cocktail named after our beloved neighborhood. The throwback beverage, called the Bensonhurst, is a variation on the Manhattan.

“Bensonhurst is a cocktail descendent of the Brooklyn,” according to The Intoxicologist. The site credits Chad Solomon with the original recipe.

What’s in a Bensonhurst? Intoxicologist features two slightly different versions. One uses rye whiskey and the other bourbon, though both have the same basic elements of a Manhattan- whiskey, vermouth and bitters. Much like the Brooklyn, what makes a Bensonhurst stand out is its utilization of dry vermouth (versus the sweet stuff in a classic Manhattan).

My only gripe is with the end of the article where, in one sweeping indictment of a line, Bensonhurst is characterized as “a tough Italian neighborhood.” Maybe I’m being too sensitive but I don’t think any New Yorker would want their neighborhood summed up in one sentence. Even The Brooklyn Paper admits Bensonhurst has changed.

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  • Barkingspider7

    Bensonhurst HAS changed. Alot of Russians and Asian. most of the Italian families got out, many moved to Staten Island and New Jersey.