FBI agents say this is security camera footage of Gary Fama robbing the Capital One Bank at 7120 New Utrecht Ave. (Source: FBI.gov)

The FBI says that they have arrested one half of a two-man bank robbery crew wanted in connection with an armed Bensonhurst heist.

Gary Fama, a reputed organized crime associate with prior arrests for bank robberies, was ordered held without bail Tuesday as FBI agents searched for Jack Mannino, his alleged accomplice in the $5,658 job at a Capital One Bank at 7120 New Utrecht Ave.

Authorities referred to Mannino – aka the “Seven-Second Bandit” – as a prolific bank robber who they say returned to holding up banks “after serving 10 years in prison for 23 bank jobs,” writes Daily News.

From Daily News:

Fama and Mannino, both wearing masks, invaded the Capital One

Bank in Bensonhurst on Dec. 29 and ordered the customers to lie on the floor, authorities said.

One of the robbers vaulted over the counter and grabbed $5,658 from the tellers’ drawers.

Cops spotted a Lexus registered to Mannino parked one block away with its rear tire on the sidewalk, according to a complaint filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

The luxury vehicle had apparently been abandoned by the robbers when they heard the police sirens approaching, the complaint states.

Mannino, an alleged associate of the Gambino Crime Family, reportedly earned his nickname after walking into a bank carrying a box – which he then threatened to detonate in seven seconds if a bank employee didn’t give up the loot.

Anyone with information about Mannino is urged.

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