Some Bensonhurst residents say that a statue of Saint Anthony is watching over the neighborhood.

Resident Cal Stansu placed the icon outside of his mother’s home after his father Anthony passed away 10 years ago. Now, neighbors say they can feel a heartbeat when they touch the statue.

Locals have been coming over to feel the statue and place flowers at its feet.

“Believe in miracles, and it will come true one way or another,” said Stansu.

This is certainly much more promising than an image of Jesus on a piece of toast.

Readers, if you happen to know where the miracle statue is exactly, check it out and tell us if you can feel St. Anthony’s heart beating.

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  • Vanessa Taris

    spirits, genies, (djinn) or other manifestations have the energies to trick you out of not worshiping God, and God alone. They use these vessels to fool you into believing a statue can perform miracles. — similar to the story of the Nissan (Egyptian Jews who escaped the Pharoah) when they had forgotten our only God, and worshiped the golden calf who performed “miracles”. Be careful because the adversary (Satan) , and his components have energies to do miracles through statues, therefore deterring you from your proper worship.

    • Microshock

      Pathetic religious nuts.

  • Rae

    These statues and idols cannot hear you, your prayers. They cant find your car keys, they cant watch over your pets or protect your houses. Psalm 115:They have mouths but they cannot speak, They have eyes but they cannot see, They have ears but they cannot hear, They have hands but they cannot feel, They have feet but they cannot walk. They cannot make a sound with their throat. Those who make like them wil BECOME like them Everyone who trusts in them.” It comes from the same Bible you take with you to mass on Sundays. There is only God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit who directly says in His word that you will become lifeless like these idols that you worship.

  • Rae

    Nothing in more promising than eternal life when you accept Jesus as your saviour John 3:18, not as your coincidental morning snack 🙂

  • Lucy

    This statue is on the block I grew up on, it’s not on 86th street, it’s on 62nd street. My family live across the street and I know the family who own the home with the statue. I am sure there is a reasonable explanation for this, It’s not that I don’t believe in miracles but I don’t believe that this would be GODS way of a spiritual intervention. Miracles are answered through faith and prayers, not by worshiping idols. Worship GOD only through your mind, heart and prayers.