Local Politician Wants Corroded N-Line Staircases Fixed ASAP


Source: Lana I.

The recent media coverage of the dilapidated N-line subway stops has Assemblyman William Colton demanding that they be repaired before the slotted 2014 date.

“They [the staircases]need a significant amount of structural work done and if that doesn’t get done soon we’re going to have a tragedy. Somebody will get seriously injured or killed because of the disrepair,” said Colton.

He also stated that the repairs needs to be “done sooner” and that this is an “emergency.”

The nine subway stops at the outdoor N-line stations are in shambles. They have water leaks, peeling paint, rusty stairs and cracked cement.

The nearly 100-year-old stations have not been fixed up since the 80s, according to MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz.

Being outdoors, the wear and tear has made the Bensonhurst and Sunset Park stops ugly to look at and dangerous to visit.

While the MTA plans to do a major overhaul of the stations in October of 2014, thus far, no work is set to begin sooner.

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