According to Community Board 11 officials, One World, a medical group, may be opening a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in the neighborhood.

District Manager Marnee Elias-Pavia and Chairman Bill Guarinello said they were blindsided by the news, according to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

The community leaders were invited to a meeting with the medical group in order to talk about the plan. The meeting would a preliminary discussion as the board members don’t have much information to go on yet.

“We don’t have a location,” Guarinello told board members during their monthly meeting.

The board members have decided to wait until they have all of the information before they make any decisions concerning the development. Questions remain as to whether or not this would be an-inpatient center, how many patients would be treated and so on.

Guarinello has stated that locals may not approve of a rehab center in their neighborhood.

“People are probably going to go crazy,” he said.

Further, the opinions of the board may not even affect the development if the rehab center obtains the right zoning permits.

“I don’t know of we have a legal right to fight it,” Elias-Pavia told the other board members.

What do you think, is a local rehab center an issue for the community?

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