Community Board 11 leaders have denied a recommendation for the One World Alcohol and Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Center on McDonald Avenue.

According to District Manager Marnee Elias-Pavia, the board found that the application for a recommendation differed from the initial agreement made with One World leaders.

One World, a medical group, had discussed plans to open the facility earlier this fall. Community Board 11 Chairperson, Bill Guarinello, stressed at October’s board meeting that this center would be open for counseling only. He said that there would not be any drugs distributed in or out of the facility. Elias-Pavia added that, as per their discussion, there would be no patients living at the center, and that they would instead be receiving treatment on an out-patient basis.

But upon further review, board leaders learned that previously incarcerated, mentally-ill, substance-addicted young adults would be going in and out of the center, facts that were hidden from the board upon their initial meeting.

At November’s board meeting, Elias-Pavia and Guarinello stated that they would not be giving a recommendation to the center.

“I don’t think this is what fits in our neighborhood,” Elias-Pavia said. Those present at the board meeting agreed.

Representatives from One World Inc. could not be reached immediately for comment.

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