A real sun-filled room! (Source: daspader/Flickr)

We’ve stumbled across yet another gem of a posting on Craiglist that gave us a chuckle.

“YOU BENEFIT IN BENSONHURST FROM KIDS MOVING OUT” the listing’s headline declares.

It seems some enterprising empty-nester has decided to take advantage of her kids flying the coop by renting their old room.

Kathy, the woman posting the ad, offers a perfect place to “hang your hat” and save “mega bux” in a fully furnished room.

Well, actually, I’m not sure if $695 for a room-share situation – with someone else’s mom, no less – is a steal, but we give bonus points for the creative and energetic post.

For those interested, the room has such amazing amenities as:

* Large sun filled room

* Freshly painted..

* So clean, you can bet on that.

* Closet, bed, two dressers, bookcase included

* TV, Electric, Gas, Cable, Internet.YES all included.

* Kitchen and Bathroom…like new, again so very clean.

* Trains.F N and D Trains very close-by, so is Bus stop.

* Great Restaurants and Shopping nearby for your pleasure.

* Beach and Boardwalk close-by

* Hopefully you don’t smoke so we keep it clean for a long time

Swing on over to the ad itself and give Kathy a call, It’s “ONLY $695 a month.” According to her, those prices are 10 years out of date and nothing else in the area compares.

Kathy, if you’re including your services as a part-time mom, cleaning and cooking, then I think you’ll be hearing from me in the near future. Man, my mom is going to be ecstatic. She’s tired of folding my laundry after all these years!

– Arthur Borko

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