There aren’t too many opportunities in New York City to buy a museum property, but here’s your chance. The Torah Animal Museum is a row house Street that was turned into a museum exhibiting 350 animals featured in the Old Testament, and the property that houses it is now being sold for just under a million dollars.

According to a Brooklyn Ink article, the animals, which are taxidermied, are estimated to cost $3.5 million. A spokeswoman for the Torah Animal Museum told Bensonhurst Bean that they were selling this location because real estate upkeep is too expensive. The museum has two other locations – one in the Catskills and another in New Jersey – and once the house is sold the 350 animals will embark on a massive migration to the other museums… possibly by ark. Probably not, but possibly.

When Bensonhurst Bean asked if some of the animals could be kept in the house to sweeten the deal, she said, flatly, “No” and that all of the animals were part of the exhibit and would be transferred to the other museum locations. But it does make for some of the strangest photos for a property listing we’ve ever seen.

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  • Mat50

    sell the stuffed animals to the creation museum so they can fit two of every kind into their model of Noah’s Ark. Then ask the kids to do the math.