New Russian Restaurant, Lazzat, Headed To Bath Avenue


A new Russian restaurant, Restaurant Lazzat, is set to open soon. Elle Spektor, our roaming reporter, writes in:

Noticed this on my way home yesterday and thought it was interesting. There’s a new venue, “Restaurant Lazzat” starting construction on Bath Avenue and 20th Avenue. The place was formerly a Middle-Eastern cafe. It’s the first Russian eatery being built in this neighborhood in quite some time – probably the past few years.

The storefront was previously Al-Falah Restaurant and Sweets, serving South Asian and Arabic cuisine.

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  • Tony

    And before the short lived Middle Eastern restaurant it was the legendary Villa Paradiso and before that the Villa Borghese, two amazing Italian restaurants.

    • 1ifbyrain2ifbytrain

      We were able to eat at Paradiso a few times before it closed. It was great. Never had the chance at Villa Borghese.