61-Year-Old Woman Hit By Car At Cropsey & 21st Avenue [Updated]


A section of Cropsey Avenue was closed off by police this morning after a 61-year-old woman was hit by car while crossing the street.

The unidentified woman was struck by a Ford Fiesta at 8:13am as it was making a right turn from northbound 21st Avenue onto eastbound Cropsey Avenue, cops said.

The victim was rushed to Lutheran Medical Center for trauma to the body and is in critical condition. The driver remained on the scene.

A police investigation is ongoing. This post will be updated as we learn more.

Update [5pm]: An anonymous tipster described the scene at around 9:20am and sent over several photos:

No one else was allowed to go on the block. When I got there at 9:20, the police were just putting up the tape so I was able to get inside the taped area, but then they told me to leave. They even made the people who lived in the building go back inside. The officer even checked my id! It was pretty weird for just a normal car accident.

Update [March 18, 8:30am]: The victim, identified as Xia Li Yue, has died, and the driver has been arrested.

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  • 1ifbyrain2ifbytrain

    Yes, please keep us updated. Please don’t accept “no criminality was suspeceted” from the police. Was the car speeding? Did the car enter the intersection when it was already occupied by the victim? Is there information available from security cameras in the area? Have the police checked the driver’s cell phone records in order to determine if they were distracted when they struck the victim? Have the police checked for a “black box” that could provide information as to the vehicles operation prior to and during the collision?

  • Hater

    Look at those cops laughing in the last picture they dont take the job serious