Accused Of Harassing Seniors, 13-Year-Olds Arrested In Seth Low Park


A dramatic scene unfolded at Seth Low Park Friday when two 13-year-old boys, accused of throwing rocks and spitting at seniors that congregate near the picnic tables, were arrested.

A crowd looked on as officers rebuked the Seth Low Intermediate School students, handcuffed them, and hauled them into a police cruiser on May 1, at approximately 4:30pm.

The 62nd Precinct’s Captain William Taylor, who has expressed concern over reports of unruly teens harassing Asian-owned shops on Bay Parkway, responded to the complaint himself along with a team of plainclothes and uniformed officers.

“You think they’re cute?” Taylor said. “These are the Bay Parkway menaces.”

The trouble began at around 2:30pm, when witnesses said two middle schoolers started spitting and throwing rocks at the seniors, who are Chinese immigrants and do not speak English. When one man tried to take a photo of the boys, he told Taylor (through a translator) that one youth hit him and tried to snatch away his phone.

The man showed Taylor a photo of the boy and the captain ordered a group of cops to scour the area for the boys. Within minutes, the cops escorted two middle-schoolers back to the playground.

“You told me to stay away from the stores on Bay Parkway, not the playground,” one of the boys protested to cops.

A crowd formed as Taylor ordered officers to cuff the boys and file a juvenile report. Two squad cars then pulled onto the sidewalk and the boys were taken away.

Though several groups of seniors meet in the park, Chinese immigrants say they are being singled out by the playground bullies.

“We want to know, why do they bother us and not them?” one man told Bensonhurst Bean. “Are Chinese people not welcome here?”

Assemblyman William Colton, who was one of the first officials on the scene and present for the arrest, praised Taylor for his swift response to the complaints.

“I think we are very fortunate to have a very responsive precinct. Where else do you have a captain that responds themselves? If you allow this to happen with young children it becomes a problem when they’re older. Seniors feel very threatened by young people. It’s posing a threat to businesses of store owners. It’s something we need to put a stop to early on. It can’t be ignored,” the assemblyman said.

Several Bay Parkway merchants — who came to the park to help translate and notified Bensonhurst Bean of the incident — recognized one of the boys as the youngest member of a group of teens who have been mobbing their stores multiple times a day. The youths, who range in age from 13 to 18, have allegedly been stealing food, destroying property, and shaking people down for money, according to store owners. At a meeting last week, cops met with merchants and promised to make contact with the teens and their parents and warn them to stay off of the commercial strip.

After Friday’s arrests, high school students lingered at the park looking uneasy.

“He does things to look cool. Every day it’s a different story with that kid,” said Mark, 16, who said he graduated from Seth Low and knew of the alleged troublemaker.

Katherine Man, who owns a dry cleaning business on Bay Parkway and who has been a victim of the teens’ alleged antics, said she regrets that it has had to come to an arrest, but that action needed to be taken.

“They haven’t hurt anyone,” Man said. “They just need guidance.”

Taylor said two other teens were arrested Thursday in connection to the Bay Parkway incidents, but did not elaborate on the charges.

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  • Emerald5Forever

    Huge kudos for the police’s response in arresting these punks, and shame on the latter for coming up with an excuse that’s as lame as “You told me to stay away from the stores on Bay Parkway, not the playground” to justify harassment of seniors; harassing people who have done nothing to you should never be allowed or justified…period.

  • wow

    Its about time. I had a feeling they wouldnt stop because exactly they told them to stay away from Bay Parkway so they would just move on to harass another area. Unbelievable. I hope charges are brought against these kids. They know exactly what they are doing.

  • WhatIsTheWorldComingTo

    Sadly this will not mark the end of this. When they get out of Juvenile Detention for this, they will just go right back to their group and continue this.

    • Your neighbor

      Detention? Not if Brooklyn family Court has its way… Besides, article states they were arrested and had juvenile reports filed against them. That’s essentially writing those kids a ticket and having their parents pick them up. They’ll be back out to do it all over again within hours.

  • ljmriji

    Huge commendations to the 62nd Precinct and Captain Taylor in their effort to preserve order and interacting with the Asian-American in such a swift yet efficient manner. I hope the kids get the guidance they need and adhere to it. As optimistic as that sounds, I doubt that would happen.
    I’m really curious as to what the kids are thinking, targeting an Asian-American only demographic.

    • KamikaziPilot

      You really don’t know why they’re targeting Asians only? Are you new to this country? Racism and easy targets are the main reasons. Even at a young age they feel that way.

      • ljmriji

        Talk about uncalled for with the “Are you new to this country” comment. One usually doesn’t just wake up and decide to be a racist. Casual racism against Asians are not unusual but to actually act upon it is something you don’t see too often. I wanted to know what kind of thoughts ran through these kids mind that led them to make their decisions, not the kind of simple blanket answer you had provided.

        Thanks for the passive aggression though.

        • Melissa

          I agree, these kids need guidance and structure. To clarify, they do not only target Asian-Americans, they harass and assault anyone of their random choosing. They fight with each other, pick on little kids walking past them, and on one occasion a teenage girl repeatedly yanked at my hat and hair as she walked behind me.

        • KamikaziPilot

          It was actually a legitimate question, as you seem totally unaware of these kinds of things and I found your question very naive. The racism part probably comes from things such as the media and what they observe in school or with friends. Well depends on your definition of “too often”. As for the thoughts of the kids before the assaults, I’d say they were looking to make trouble and found the group that they thought would provide the least resistance and who were the most different from themselves. Race definitely played a role, although I’d say the kids were bad to begin with.

          I wasn’t passive aggressive, if I wanted to be aggressive you’d know right away.

        • thenewoldschool

          They probably have shitty, ignorant parents, that’s probably where their thoughts came from.

        • Steven Lam

          it’s sad that the likelihood is a lot of aggressive asian bashing at home from the very adults that should be raising them.

  • Artem

    I would say where are the parents but seeing how the kids seem to play the victim I’d bet mom and dad are the similar bunch of “its not fair its not me” whiny losers who birthed these idiots with no future

  • Suzi La Regina

    Glad the police responded and took action on the Bay Parkway issue. Now I wish they would monitor the situation around New Utrecht High School. Crowds of students “hang out” on 79th Street near the train station in the afternoon, harassing and menacing local residents and businesses. There are police officers inside the train station, but they also need to monitor the unacceptable behavior on the streets. For the record, in this case, it is not only Asians being targeted.

    • Victoria Carrera

      I agree, I live right down the block from the station and I have to stay in my home until everything clears out around 4PM because anytime I pass them I get harassed. I feel sorry for the Dunkin Donuts owner because the kids keep stealing food and stirring up trouble in his store.

      • Suzi La Regina

        I contacted Community Board 11 and they have advised Captain Taylor at the 62nd Precinct. I will continue to follow up on the issue. A couple weeks ago, I was leaving the dentist’s office on 17th Avenue when a gang of about 10 kids surrounded the door shouting and making threatening gestures

  • AGuyFromBensonhurst

    62nd Precinct, Captain Taylor, and Assemblyman Colton did a great job responding to this

    • Chan

      I have to credit Bensonhurst Bean for reporting on this (and their previous reports on the harrassment, vandalism, and assault on Chinese shop keepers on Bay Parkway. I think these news reports give the police no choice but to act. Good job, Bensonhurst Bean.

  • Anonymous Knicks Fan

    It’s times like these where I wish the asian gangs were still relevant so they can beat up these kids. These kids deserve nothing less than an ass whopping. Arresting them is fine but not as effective as getting your face pounded.

    • John

      Asian kids are too busy getting into ivy leagues and making something out of themselves. Unlike black cancers.

  • nycteaches

    It’s time to put these kids on Scared Straight on A&E.

  • bennyspace

    I would love to hear what their parents have to say.

    • thenewoldschool

      In all likelihood their parents are trash as well.

  • KamikaziPilot

    Yes, Chinese people, you are NOT welcome in certain parts of America by a segment of the population. Not all Americans are accepting despite what you want to believe. Some of them actually hate you. YES you were singled out because of your race. Chinese immigrants are far too passive and willing to brush off such disrespectful behavior as just “kids being kids”. I know in China you’d never have 13 year old Chinese boys spitting on white people sitting in a park. Not in a million years.

    • alovasya

      Shut the fuck

      • KamikaziPilot

        Fuck you too and have a terrible day.

        • Hakato

          then why do you white people order Chinese food and eat sushi?

        • Hakato

          and you wear shoes that are made in china.

  • Melissa

    These teens harass anyone and everyone in the park and it’s great to see this issue finally being addressed. The park has been calmer these last few days and now I know why. Thank you Bensonhurst Bean, Captain Taylor, and Councilman Colton.

    • Brooklyn Jay

      They were back today with the harassment

  • Brooklyn Jay

    By the way, this is the little shit shemale that everyone is referring to. She was out harassing again today at Seth Low park. Harassing people for no good reason simply because they’re Asian.

  • thenewoldschool

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re parents were pieces of shits also.

  • Andy

    see, not all cops are dicks

  • Ben Evenson

    “You told me to stay away from the stores on Bay Parkway, not the playground.” I’d like to see some ACTUAL charges made on these imbeciles.

  • yup

    Please keep us updated on this Bensonhurst Bean! I would like to know what types of charges are brought against these criminals!

  • Joe

    These kids are heroes for going after the asian invasion. Maybe these asians should think twice about trying to move their entire country here in the space of a couple years.