A Feast To Remember: 40+ Photos Of Bensonhurst’s 40th Annual Festa Di Santa Rosalia


Alas, all good things must come to an end.

Sunday marked the last day of Bensonhurst’s 10-day Festa di Santa Rosalia, or as it is affectionately known, the 18th Avenue Feast.

Everyone was there: our neighbors, the NYPD’s 62nd Precinct, community leaders, and elected officials. The festival drew visitors of all ages from all five boroughs. There were big people, little people, people with snakes, people riding skateboards.

We gorged ourselves on sausages, zeppoles, and fried Oreos. We spun around on rides that made our stomachs churn and 18th Avenue look like a glittery strip of red and green. We won prizes, we danced all night, we took photos at the “I GOT BALLS” sign. We got balls.

Here are some snapshots of those moments to keep us going until next year’s Feast, as captured by you, the readers of Bensonhurst Bean:

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  • Larry Litmanen

    It was a pretty good fair, the MozzAreppa thing was somewhat disappointing but overall the fair was good and lots of fun.

    Next fair will be in Bay Ridge, a Greek Heritage fair ( i think September 17th if i remember correctly), i was there last year, food is different from Santa Rosalia, it is much smaller (4-5 blocks) but far more family friendly.

    Greek doughnut like balls with honey and cinnamon are THE desert of the fair.

  • Yk

    Nice post with great pictures!