Gentile Calls On MTA To Repair R Line, Claims Agency Has $1 Billion Surplus


The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) has money to burn, according to Councilman Vincent Gentile.

Citing a $1 billion surplus, the councilman is calling on the MTA to put the money towards the R line, which he says is “suffering from drastic dysfunction and neglect.”

“I am glad to know that your concerns regarding a lack funds to perform some of the actions requested of you may now be met. In light of this fortunate circumstance, I am requesting once again that you conduct an audit on the R train line,” wrote Gentile in a letter to the transportation company Friday.

The MTA made repairs to the R line track back in March in response to complaints from 4th Avenue residents that R train vibrations were rattling their furniture and dishes, reported Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

Gentile, who has been compiling feedback from R train riders in his district, is urging the MTA to also purchase new cars to address shaking that has become a nuisance near two Bay Ridge schools, Saint Anselm’s School and Our Lady of Angels.

“The surplus could do a lot of good for a train line left in disrepair far too long and for the people who use it and live around it every day,” continued the letter.

An MTA spokesperson disputed the claim that the transportation company has a surplus of funds.

“The MTA does not have a surplus, but our ongoing cost-cutting efforts and better-than-expected revenues will allow us to devote $1.1 billion to our Capital Program over an eight-year period,” said the MTA’s Kevin Ortiz. “This funding is vital to renew, enhance and expand the MTA network, and generating these funds within the MTA allows us to reduce the amount of money we request from city and state taxpayers.”

When asked about possible repairs to the R line, Ortiz said, “We will respond to the councilman directly before we discuss it in the press.”

As of today, Gentile’s office says they haven’t heard back from the transit company.