Booby Traps Near Dyker Beach Park Ensnare Man & His Dog [WARNING: GRAPHIC]


Booby traps laid on the sidewalk near Dyker Beach Park have left one puppy shaken, and his owner with a deep finger wound.

Toa Cheung, a California man who is in town visiting his sister, says he received seven stitches at Maimonides Medical Center Sunday afternoon, after a fishing wire got tangled in his dog’s leash and then sliced open his finger.

Tao’s sister Eveline said she and her brother first noticed the wire tied to several cars on 14th Avenue near Cropsey Avenue, as they left her nearby home at approximately 4pm. They quickly unravelled the string and notified a neighbor, tossing the wire into the trash, she told Bensonhurst Bean.

When the siblings returned home at 7pm, accompanied by their mini schnauzer Pepper, they ran into another trap, but this time their dog’s leash had gotten tangled in the wire, and it was quickly tightening around his neck. As Tao untangled the pet, the unknowing driver of one of the rigged cars drove off, snapping the string against Tao’s finger. The cut was so deep, a hand specialist told them the tendon was partially torn, according to Eveline.

Eveline said that the placement of the wire looked deliberate.

“This is a sick person that was doing it,” she said. “There are a lot of kids in that park. It could be fatal.”

Since the incidents occurred between two different NYPD precincts, it is unclear if police have taken measures to rid the area around Dyker Beach Park of fishing line traps.

When cops from the 62nd Precinct arrived later Sunday night to check out the scene, Eveline says she showed them the string along Cropsey Avenue, 14th Avenue, and Poly Place, but when it came to string on the park-side of the street, they told her Dyker Beach was within the jurisdiction of the 68th Precinct. An officer assured her that cops from the neighboring precinct would follow up on Monday, Eveline said, however she claims she found more line on the island of sidewalk where Poly Place meets Cropsey Avenue and 14th Avenue the next day.

We reached out the the 68th Precinct for comment, but the woman who answered the phone was unable to find a reckless endangerment report under the reporting party’s last name.

We did get through to 62nd Precinct Commanding Officer Anthony Sanseverino, who told us he believes the tripwire — which was wound around the car mirrors and then tossed into nearby trees — is the handiwork of pranksters, but with little evidence, it will be hard to track down the culprits.

“This is something I’ve never heard of before. Unfortunately, It’s a terrible prank that could be very dangerous,” he said. “If it happens again, we will send patrols to the area.”

Sanseverino added that he intends to reach out to the victim, and will send cops to scope out the park as a precautionary measure.

Update [1pm]: Police have confirmed that there is an ongoing reckless endangerment investigation.

Correction [1:48pm]: An earlier version of this article stated that the incident happened. Police have confirmed it occurred. The post has been amended to reflect this.

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  • Rene

    Horrible. Be careful with assumptions, though: “unknowing” driver? Says who? You know or hope or think this is true? And the person who said this:

    “This is a sick person that was doing it,” she said. “There are a lot of kids in that park. It could be fatal.”

    …doesn’t consider it was kids who did it in the first place. I don’t know, but I think it’s rash to assume anything.

    Sick bastards. Awful, awful thing to do.

  • Jenn C

    I found the same kind of wire/string all over inside of Dyker Beach Park on Monday 12/07/15. I believe the ones inside the park to be from kites. They were tangled around the trees, fences, and all over the ground in the ball field. My dog’s legs got wrapped several times while walking in the park. I cleared a bunch of lines that I could find and filed a 311 complaint. The park maintenance crew cleared a lot of the lines when I was back the next day. They are left by kite flyers. I found discarded kites as well. These people should clean up after themselves.

  • Simon

    That’s Braided fishing line. People are sick.

  • BZ

    These are kite lines from inconsiderate users. The police need to be made aware of this and work with the parks dept to ban kites from the park. I have personally seen these people (of mostly Indian or Paki descent) fly kites into the stratophere only to have them fall and get tangled in trees, leading to reckless endangerment of all park users. I perosnally know other adults who have been cut as well walking dogs.