Asian American Community Reacts To Conviction Of Rookie Cop From Bensonhurst: ‘No Justice, Only Politics’


The conviction of an Asian American rookie cop who accidentally discharged his weapon, killing an innocent man in the staircase of a Brooklyn housing project in November, has evoked strong reactions from local Asian American leaders and community members.

Ex-officer Peter Liang, who is from Bensonhurst, has been found guilty of second-degree manslaughter and official misconduct for fatally shooting an unarmed Akai Gurley and faces up to 15 years in prison, District Attorney Kenneth Thompson announced yesterday.

Today, dozens packed into Sunset Park’s Golden Imperial Palace restaurant for a press conference hosted by the Coalition of Asian Americans for Civil Rights (CAACR ) to address concerns about the conviction and to support Liang’s family.

Most of the 12-person panel spoke to the crowd in Mandarin, including the officer’s tearful mother Fanny Liang.

“Peter always wanted to be a police officer since he was 5 years old,” she said, according to a translator. “Now I was robbed. I always discouraged him, but he was persistent and after working at the TSA, he became an officer. His conviction is a personal tragedy. There must be justice for him.”

Many observed that the verdict comes amid a national conversation about policing following a series of incidents involving police officers killing unarmed black men.

“No justice, only politics,” said Jerry Low, a member of CAACR who spoke at the event. “Peter Liang was a scapegoat. Peter is taking the fall for Eric Garner and Mike Brown killings to satisfy anger in the black community.”

A box collecting money for Liang’s legal appeal was passed around.

Assemblyman William Colton, who has been an outspoken advocate for the cop, took issue with how Brooklyn prosecuting attorney Joe Alexis attributed intent to Liang in his closing arguments.

“Everyone should be looking for justice to be done,” the assemblyman said in press release. “But I remain disturbed that the prosecuting attorney made a closing argument to the jury implying that this shooting was deliberate and that Police Officer Liang pointed his gun at the victim — when none of the facts raised in the trial supported such an argument.”

Here is Colton blasting the prosecuting attorney again at today’s press conference.

Local Asian American leaders we spoke to echoed the charges that Liang is being scapegoated for the justice system’s failure to prosecute the police officers responsibly for the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

Steven Chung, president of Brooklyn’s United Chinese Association summed up the outrage many feel.

“This is unfair,” he said. “This was absolutely an accident. What the conviction is, is a indication of using him as a scapegoat to calm down the political tension, because you cannot use another injustice case to remove injustice, the asian-american lack of political power makes him an easy scapegoat. All of our communities and all of our seniors are enraged. If there is something wrong in our justice system, this should apply to everybody and not just to this particular case.”

Warren Chan, president of the social service organization Asian Community United Society (ACUS) also did not mince words.

“There was no true justice involved in this trial and everything was all politics,” said Chan. “The true intent of this trial is for the city of New York to find a suitable scapegoat to feed the current anger of the black community toward the NYPD.”

At today’s event, Chan stood up and accused Colton, as well as Councilman Mark Treyger, of failing to show up to Liang’s trial, prompting a brief screaming match during which the pols accused him of being divisive. Chan — who has been trying to launch an anti-Colton political campaign — was booted from the event shortly thereafter. The Patrolman’s Benevolent Association (PBA) has been similarly criticized for failing to send representation to the trial.

Here’s Treyger expressing his support for the Asian American community at today’s press conference:

During the Brooklyn Supreme Court trial, prosecutors charged that after recklessly firing his service weapon and striking Gurley, Liang failed to immediately report the incident or render aid to the dying victim.

“This defendant ignored official training that he received as a police officer – specifically never to put his finger on the trigger of his gun unless he was ready to shoot and his reckless actions cost Akai Gurley his life – a life that Peter Liang had sworn to protect,” said District Attorney Thompson. “It’s also important to note that this jury’s verdict was against one officer and not against all of the brave and dedicated members of the NYPD who risk their lives every day to keep us safe.”

Liang’s defense attorney Robert Brown argued that the shooting, though tragic, was not a crime. He urged jurors to find Liang “not guilty,” arguing that the cop was justified in keeping his gun drawn in the dimly lit stairwell to anticipate the possibility of an ambush.

Shortly after Thursday’s verdict was announced, the NYPD moved to fire Liang’s partner Officer Shaun Landau, who testified at the trial that instructors at the Police Academy allowed recruits to cheat on their CPR tests.

Liang is scheduled to be sentenced on April 14.

Correction [February 13, 7pm]: An earlier version of this article stated that Liang is from Gravesend. He is from Bensonhurst. We also misidentified Liang’s mother as Liang Wei; her name is Fanny Liang.

Additional reporting by Rachel Silberstein.

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  • ROSALIE907

    I don’t think Officer Liang intended to kill Akai Gurley but his actions after firing his gun were part of what led to Mr. Gurley’s death. Calling your Supervisor to report what happened instead of aiding Mr. Gurley was and is disgusting. They were more interested in covering their rear ends than giving first aid and calling for an ambulance for Mr. Gurley. In my book, even though his partner didn’t fire a shot he’s just as guilty as Officer Liang and should also be held accountable.

  • Mildred

    Rosalie90, I think there is a very grey line if the police are suppose to revive someone or give medical assistance. The fact is that he did not aim his gun at Akai Gurley, but the gun hit the wall but unfortunately it ricochet into Akai. I believe he was nervous and his reflex was just too fast with the gun. Remember all this happen probably in 1 second. Liang was easy target for NYC to be the sacrifice lamb to the growing anger of the black community against the police in general. It is unfair verdict and it should be appeal to the highest court if needed!

    • ChocolateGirlWondah

      But he called his union rep after the shooting instead of EMS. How was the union rep going to save Mr. Gurley? I get it. The union rep was going to walk Mr. Liang through CPR over the phone while both officers waited for EMS. Mr. Liang brought this on himself.

      • lra_m

        There was a no evidence that he texted/called his union rep. The DA admitted it as much….quietly, after the false news reports were out there already. If the text or call was made, it would have been easily proven through phone records in court, but it didn’t come up in trial, which means it didn’t happen.

        That is what this whole trial was about: a political response from a newly elected DA to placate his constituency. The same way the Garner case was not prosecuted to placate the Staten Island DA’s voter constituency, this was the opposite side of the same coin with Brooklyn DA. No justice, just politics.

  • K

    Scapegoated? Well kinda. But the ex-officer did shoot an unarmed man.He is guilty of manslaughter at the least..
    I’m also hoping there’s some internal affairs inquiry as to why two rookie officer were patrolling in the projects. Hope shit’s rolling down hill within the NYPD.
    As an ABC I’m kinda ashamed…I’m sympathetic to it being an accident. He’s kinda of a prick in my eyes for not aiding asap, but he’s not a violent prick like Officer Daniel Pantaleo. Just..shit get the agenda straighten out & focus on grilling the NYPD, so that protocols are correct & that their officers are properly and adequately trained. Focus and work with other support groups to get the release of information from trials like Eric Garner and Mike Brown.

    • K

      Also wanted to say..Since Peter Liang is guilty of misconduct, then his partner should have been charged as well. He not only failed to aid the victim as well, but also prevented Mr. Liang from phoning it in.
      I know he has immunity, but I HOPE they find a way to charge him on perjury.
      After some thinking..I can see the scapegoating. He’s the fall man for NYPD to be able to say “see, there is no blue veil”

  • Mildred

    Rosalie907, when this case go to the higher court, which it should, Liang will be clear of the guilty verdict of Manslaughter.

    • ChocolateGirlWondah

      Doubt it. You phone EMS first not your union rep. Stop advocating the muder of innocent people of color.

      • maurice

        There is no evidence he phoned his union rep. That has been debunked. Stop seeing the world with colored lens.

        • ChocolateGirlWondah

          I believe his phone records and partner confirmed his call placed to said phone rep.

          • Krismina

            That was apparently debunked and that is why the media hasn’t talked about it recently. Unfortunately a lot of people didn’t hear about the correction. (This is why I don’t trust the media when things first happen and rely on the final evidence and testimony. I literally read 30 articles from different newspapers recently to try and piece together everything.) What apparently happened was after the gun went off, he and his partner discussed who would call it in. He then called his sergeant. This is before they knew anyone got hurt. Then after that, he and his partner heard someone crying downstairs, so they ran downstairs, and that’s when they realized a bullet hit someone.

          • JEng

            That’s not how the English language press reports it.

          • Krismina

            Really? I read it in the English language press – CBS, NBC, NY Post, etc.

          • JEng

            I meant I never read in the English press that he did NOT text – only that he did text and they never altered that claim which was also on Gothamist.

          • Krismina

            Ah, I see. You have a good point. That needs to be remedied. I’m going to do some homework.

          • JEng

            That’s so cool that you would go the extra mile and look into it. Maybe you can get that corrected.

        • ChocolateGirlWondah

          His partner stated that Liang in fact called the union. What are we talking about here?

          • Rose Edwards

            Not sure if you saw this but someone else on the blog replied. He was not in touch with the union. He and his partner had to call their supervisor after the gun went off as per protocol. This is before they realized that someone was shot.

            “Officer Peter Liang reportedly texted his union representative moments after shooting 28-year-old Akai Gurley instead of calling for help, the New York Daily News reported. Updated: Police union spokesperson said none of their delegates in the area received his text.”

            “[T]he lead prosecutor in the case… did say, however, that another report by the Daily News — which claimed Liang texted his union representative right after the shooting — was false.”

      • Jj

        How is he doing it.

    • kengi E

      I do not think so.

      “Manslaughter is a form of homicide – conduct which causes the death of a person – committed when a defendant recklessly causes death (second-degree) or, with an intent to cause serious physical injury, causes death (first-degree).”

      His conviction is of second degree manslaughter; it was a reckless accident; that is why he was not convicted of first degree manslaughter or murder.

      • JEng

        so if he can prove the gun was broken and just went off, he gets off? I am very worried about how this protest went unconfronted except for a very small number of Black Lives Matters protesters because there is no way the Black community is okay with it.

        If this was a redirection of aggravation, we just earned that dislike. And Black guys participated in the lion dances today on Mott Street. But there was no Manhattan protest just On Leong bizarrely putting out a donation box for the earthquake and for Peter Liang. On Leong murdered my father. My mother was very upset seeing that table outside On Leong today. She felt it was WUN JERNG.

        • kengi E

          Yes, if he can prove his gun malfunctioned due to no fault of his own he should be found innocent.

          • JEng

            I don’t know about that … did the DA intentionally change tactics to give Liang more to appeal on? Is that why Black Lives Matters numbered only 20? Does the Black community see this as a pure accident and very different from the other deaths?

          • Krismina

            I think it’s pretty mixed… I was talking to black friends of mine and all of them think it was an accident due to the ricochet. I think everyone thought it was good that finally a cop got a guilty verdict but they actually acknowledged that Peter was a scapegoat. Everyone is also upset that other cops weren’t prosecuted, so the whole situation has left a weird taste in everyone’s mouth.

            That’s why they wouldn’t attend the rally for either side, because the rallies for Liang were actually about equal justice for Gurley, Liang, and Adonis. But depending on the press agency, they’ve been spinning it differently. Some were saying that Liang supporters are just upset because he got convicted when white cops go free (which is not all supporters). A lot of the supporters feel that Liang should be held accountable but that this is not justice served (and have lots of ideas on what they think should happen).

            But then I see a lot of public anger online on twitter and facebook from all types of races against the Peter Liang supporters (but from what I’ve read, I think it’s b/c the media is not giving the full reason for why supporters are out there). It’s so unfortunate.

          • JEng

            They’re freaked because they think Chinese are easy to sacrifice – well, they’re not wrong. But he had no business with that gun. And he is not socialized, not worldly enough to be a cop from the sound of his testimony. There are Chinese guys who are really sharp and on the ball and there are ones that don’t know they are inadequate.

            That was why that kid was disdainful when that Chinese fraternity had some “glass ceiling” hazing ritual because that’s so whiny. And they killed him for making them feel small. Which is part of the problem AND an indication of well, maybe it’s not a glass ceiling, maybe it’s you. But it’s also very cynical to cry victimization.

            They see how foul it is inside the Chinese community and often in alliance with nonChinese – where’s your social justice outrage then? You’ve got perpetrators like On Leong acting like supporters now? without making amends for their transgressions? You’ve got newspapers taking turns being the voice of outrage while alternating with each other to promote sponsored content. Daily News probably got Officers Liu and Ramos killed and now they are all going to work together to get Peter Liang off easily to cover that up but if they can get away with making the Chinese pay for that leniency, they will because they did this for about two years before my father’s murder, they played up all these gang stories when Chinatown as far as we could see was safe and I told my dad this is a bad sign and after he was murdered, On Leong had a press expert – this fat guy named Bo iirc – and why did an association need a press liaison. It was so fishy. And the smearing on my dad started that night with Roz Abrams on ABC news announcing that the GODFATHER of Chinatown had been killed.

            based on what? My dad wasn’t in a gang, he wasn’t dealing drugs, he wasn’t some famous old timer who gets hinted at in Year of Dragon. I didnt get threatened by Applehead in front of my father because I talked back as if I was talking to a dumb Irish kid in Catholic School, they don’t slash the tires of someone whose husband is the GODFATHER of Chinatown.

            NYC press – absolute trash. Chinatown social justice is bullshit – AAFE intentionally sent the court notices suing the building owner to an unmanned lobby with no mailboxes then sent the final court notice to the proper mailing address because two days earlier I had greeted their tenant advocate not knowing that she now worked for AAFE and was no longer heartbroken as a volunteer at Chinese Benevolent over some married bookkeeper who chucked her which she told me about after taking two of the business cards with the proper street address and BEFORE she stood beside her brother who gorilla smacked me (I didn’t even know his name) as I walked past him when he was ostensibly drinking from the water fountain inside Chinese Benevolent’s chinese school.

  • ChocolateGirlWondah

    So calling your union rep after shooting someone is proper protocol? Whatever happend to EMS? Also- Police usually support their own yet no support was offered here. In fact, his partner testified against him and the union that was supposed to protect him turned their back on him. Don’t be a POC who adopts white supremacist ideals and cries foul when main stream America turns on you. You see his partner walked. He wasn’t charged as an accessory. He was scapegoated but not by Black folks.

    • Patf

      Had he been found innocent, blacks would likely find another reason to cause violence on Asian-Americans.

      • ChocolateGirlWondah

        Project much?

        • Larry Litmanen

          Like there never was any precedent out there for that.

    • David Rhee

      To start, the event is tragic.. For all parties involved (except a few who I believe should be charged as well as runaway injustice like the prosecutor)..

      But I would like to point out that your argument would make the case for Officer Liang…

      1) The other officer was not charged and you seem to make no argument about the other officer trying to save Gurley’s life… So where is your anger for justice on that? Again, you stated that the Black folks are not scapegoating but are you not doing just that BY convicting one but not the other? Ancillary or not! You are choosing one and not the other.. That is called SCAPEGOATING!
      2) You should consider that the other officer testified to gain immunity for himself.. Again, where is the anger on that deal that the prosecutor made? Again, you seem to make a very naive statement… Should you think that should be considered and where is your anger on that?
      3) With all the horrific actions committed by cops that include intentional choking (and murdering in my view) and shooting at the person DIRECTLY (and killing the victim) of black victims with white cops.. You are stating this officer (Liang) is in the same level of injustices by those police officers’ actions? If you are telling me they are the same it is a bit naive and blind.. A bullet was not aimed directly at Gurley (as the prosecutor would try to point and argue.. Heck the article even states the stairwell is dark.. How could you aim to intentional shoot someone when you can’t see them, let alone the bullet was not aimed at him?). Again, you do realize they went into a situation that could be potential life-threatening.. So that should not be considered.. Then I guess that means any dispatch call should be disregarded from that area.. Let’s see how fast that area is going to call foul that no cop will come to protect them?

      And by your argument and logic, then I should expect blacks should pay for all the damages (and punitive) that was made during the LA Riots that damaged MANY ASIAN businesses and ruined many families (of which I could tell you that it did impact my family members and friends).. That all those rioters and black leaders who supported rioting should have gone to jail.. Where was the apologies from the black community on that? Where is the justice on that? Again, I bet people could make an excuse that those LA policemen and the wrong verdict of Rodney King was the justification for blacks to riot? And to destroy many Asian businesses?

      Lastly, white supremacist ideals? Maybe you have inferiority complex issue or something because Asians are as much discriminated compare to other minority groups.. Instead of working for better equality for all (which the Black Panthers wanted to promote historically), you are doing what Republicans have done by making a hot issue case and make minorities divisive to each other.. And please don’t make egregious statement that shows your bias on the matter…

      • ChocolateGirlWondah

        Neither one of those officers attempted to revive Mr. GURLEY. They stood there for four minutes fighting amongst each other. Why was his gun drawn in the first place? If officers are that fearful of urban communities they should ask for desk jobs instead of beat work. No excuses. Mr. Liang made a poor decision and will now have to pay for his actions. It really is unfortunate.

        • David Rhee

          Just a FYI, most police officers who graduated from the academy would not get desk jobs because those are usually given to tenured and veteran police officers… How do I know? I have 6 friends who are NYPD (and they are all Asians; and none of them got desk jobs after getting out of the academy)

          • ChocolateGirlWondah

            If you’re not confident in your ability to do the job, say something before mistakes occur. No excuses.

          • David Rhee

            Again, confidence in your ability is a relative term. I could be one of the best engineer and could still make mistake or encounter totally something new that was never faced before. So in your argument many soldiers should not be soldiers but their training will never be the same as real combat. Also, those soldiers do face and encounter new situation of which they have failed. So by your argument all generals should be jailed /court martial for making bad army tactics. At the end, you just want to make any excuse to argue your point when your point is flawed. At the end, I agree to disagree but your statement are why many Asians don’t advocate for many black advocate groups. You could really consider discerning before making general statement that don’t necessarily fit this situation.

          • ChocolateGirlWondah

            And that logic is the reason Mr. Liang will be sitting in prison. No excuses.

          • Krismina

            For what it’s worth, I don’t agree with what David Rhee said about, “why many Asians don’t advocate for many black advocate groups”. The Asian culture is very different from Western culture. Many Asians learn growing up to stay quiet and work hard (and if we do something wrong or don’t perform well, it’s a disgrace). Asian Americans who have assimilated better would of course advocate for black advocate groups (and other civil rights groups), and are better able to handle what Western society requires of its citizens. And also you make a valid point about the NYPD backing its officers. The fact that they haven’t backed their minority officers (Liang and Adonis) is why many feel that the NYPD in itself is a racist institution.

          • JEng

            I advocate for Black people because they’ve been far nicer to me and there have been too many incidents of cruelty from the Chinese community.

          • Krismina

            That is so unfortunate. I’m sorry! Please understand not all Asians are that way.

          • JEng

            no just the ones who are nasty to us including Don Lee who is running for Sheldon Silver’s seat.

      • K

        Been reading up on the case since last night & I absolutely agree with you on the prosecutor. Just SMH @ him saying it’s deliberate aim! Like how are you going use that in a closing argument when ballistics was able to prove it was a ricochet? How?
        I feel Mr.Liang should count his blessing that they were not able to prove he spent minutes talking/texting to his union rep(the cops themselves, that turned their back on him said this wasn’t the case). That asshole prosecutor would have definitely try for murder charges if so…
        In my eyes calling union rep might not protocol, but apparently it took the place of these rookies cops CPR training. How is NYPD & the Police Academy going to explain how two rookies stood there and argue on what to do, call union first?, call their Sgt? while a man was dying. How are they going to send two rookies into the project? I don’t understand how the more experience a cop has, the less they have to do these kind of patrols? What the hell are they getting that pay raise for?

        Now I see the City of New York doesn’t have the “Blue Wall/Blue Shield/Blue Veil”. NYC might as well lead the way and rename it “The White Wall”

        • lra_m

          How can they cannot prove that the call/texting happened, unless it really didn’t happened? Phone company has text and call logs they could have obtained, unless it really didn’t happened. The report that Liang called his union rep was a hoax, and eagerly spread by the press, before checking the facts, to a receptive audience. The DA office even conceded that there was no such call after the accident, which is why it never came up in trial.

          I don’t know how CPR is supposed to stop a bullet shot to the heart, probably would have done more damaged trying. Very easy to play arm-chair critic from a computer.

          • JEng

            wow why haven’t the Chinese politicians pointed this out? Where is Don Lee on this?

      • RG

        As numerous people have pointed out, supporters of Liang seem to take the position that if other officers were found not guilty Liang should be found not guilty as well. The question is why? If a crime took place, should those who commit the crime not be held accountable? Specifically, what about the trial was unfair? What evidence was held from the jury? What objections were unfairly overruled? The fact that Liang did not intend to kill the young man is taken into account by the charges against him. If any resident walks down the street twirling a gun or a shotgun and it goes off and a bullet strikes someone, they are likely to be charged. It doesn’t matter what their intent may have been. By all means go and protest against other cases of police misconduct, but don’t expect sympathy when the system actually worked.

        • David Rhee

          I think you are making a very general assumption that seems to be on a wrong pretense.. Intention Matters.. If you are telling it does not. then you are arguing that the court system should not 1st and 2nd degree murder and manslaughter … I think you are just clumping all of this and just assume..

          1) The other crimes that of police brutality and I would state it clearly, murder, shows a clear intention to kill… Compare to Officer Liang that documentation shows that the bullet was not aimed directly at a victum.. You could point that he had a trigger finger but again, the bullet did not go from the gun to the victim.. It ricohet. The evidence is a bit clear on that.. Dark area.. And the victim was not even in front…

          Accountability? What about the partner and the prosecutor giving him immunity to testify against Officer Liang? Really, you think that is a bit “conincidental” on the matter?

          Look, I am all about justice.. But your argument is just making a general point and this all case smells fishy and completely wrong… At the end, it is what it is now… But anyone looking at this case will see there is clearly a misguidance of justice … Again should Officer Liang be responsible? Of course, the punishment don’t fit the crime as well as how the prosecutor went about it…

          • kengi E

            of course intent matters. If he had intent to shoot he would have been convicted of first degree murder. Instead it was an accident causing death due to recklessness; hence the 2nd degree manslaughter.

        • Krismina

          The media and other commentators are saying that “supporters seem to take the position that if other officers were found not guilty Liang should be found not guilty as well”. That is actually not the intent at all. (And also why the media can’t be trusted sometimes.) Most supporters I know just want equal justice for Liang (as well as Adonis). 1. they feel that because they are minorities, they were selectively prosecuted while white officers were not. 2. others feel that a max sentence of 15 years in prison for an agreed accidental killing is not justified. Everyone agrees Liang should be held accountable but the punishment needs to fit the crime. If a hunter in the dark woods accidentally killed a bystander, as a law abiding, educated Christian, I would not want that hunter to serve 15 years in jail either. I would want a just and fair sentence. Please understand that we just want justice and equality for all. Also, this is on the Boston organizers’ website, “”Many protesters stated that both Akai Gurley and Peter Liang and their families are the victims of the structural racism that is still pervasive in our country. Rather than the triumph of justice, the selective prosecution of Peter Liang confirms our deepest fear that people of color are still not equal. Many protesters feel the selective prosecution of Peter Liang will make the world more dangerous since the privileged can always walk away free while the minorities will bear excessive punishment. It will increase race-based inequality and intensify police-community relations. They are calling for all people and groups who love justice and freedom to stand behind Akai Gurley and Peter Liang and get united to say NO to structural racism, selective prosecution, and injustice. We are fighting for a more equal, just, and better future. We are calling for NYPD and those who are truly responsible to shoulder the responsibilities.”

        • JEng

          yeah that is a huge mistake they are making morally. If everyone else gets away with it, why shouldn’t I?

          If it was a Chinese grandmother who got shot in that stairwell purely by accident – would these Chinese protesters object to the verdict? If it was an accident like the Chinese elderly who get hit by cars is accidental (until one day it isn’t an accident), are the protesters suggesting that he should not be punished – exactly like Allison Liang’s hit and run driver was not punished.

          If that were my family member at the bottom of the stairwell, I wouldn’t care if the bullet ricocheted and hit a wall first – he had no business shooting into the dark like that.

          • Krismina

            Please see my comment above to RG :) I feel like you and I are the only ones talking on here! ha. But honestly, I think that if was a Chinese grandmother that got shot, they would still protest.

          • JEng

            Ah, but they would have to stare at Allison Liang’s parents and grandmother in the face when they did that. I have a feeling they have internalized this and are taking the opportunity to express something about themselves. Even now they are hiding behind oh white cops are mean to black people and oh we have a Chinaman’s chance – which will alienate a lot of non Chinese who feel that they tolerate and go soft on lame duck Chinese.

            No one ever said a word in high school when they let me sit at the Black tables in the cafeteria. Someone a year below me pointed it out to me in a really nice flattering way when he saw me again in college – oh yeah I remember you always used to sit with so and so – but to be honest, I wasn’t much of a conversationalist, not a supportive typical girl that anyone wanted to be around and I had a huge chip on my shoulder and was in a fugue state from my last year in grade school so … if I wasn’t sitting with them and they made it invisibly comfortable and indifferent about it, I would have been sitting in front of my locker during lunch.

            I KNOW that other people go out of their way socially for first generation Chinese because I know when they do NOT. I know when they hire us when we’re not the best person for the job.

  • For the good of many

    Atleast the asian community will be saved from the senseless violence that would occur if he was found innocent.

    • K

      please…like that ever need a reason in this neighborhood

  • TheLamb

    based on the description of 2nd degree manslaughter, I can’t see how this will stand at appeals. The gun was fired accidentally, ricocheted off a wall and killed someone.

    Every single killing done by NYPD can be labeled as this “knowledge that the activity being engaged in could cause serious or fatal injury to another.”

    Hey let me choke you out…oh wait you’re dead?? how could i not know i was engaging in an activity that could seriously or fatally injure mr. garner…

    Peter has been sacrificed and I hope some how there’s some good tha comes of this.

    “Manslaughter in the Second Degree occurs when a person continues with a reckless act that they are aware of committing, and they consciously disregard the potentially fatal risks involved to others. The risk must be of the type that any reasonable person would not ignore. Although this crime lacks the intention to do others harm, there is within it the knowledge that the activity being engaged in could cause serious or fatal injury to another.”

    • kengi E

      He was recklessly holding the gun with his finger on the trigger and squeezed with enough force to fire it into a dark stair case; that is why he was considered to be reckless. An accident would be, for example, if he dropped the gun and the gun somehow went off when it hit the floor.

      • David Rhee

        I think you are missing the point of AWARE OF committing.. It was not like he was twirling the gun… I think you are making based on your definition and that is not the case in other legal cases I have read.. It is open to interpretation (and why this is the issue)

        • kengi E

          he was trained to keep finger off trigger unless he intended to fire, among other things. Of all people, the police should be the most well trained in gun handling. We can debate back and forth but at the end of the day the jury and judge have more info than we do and chose to convict him. He can appeal of course but the facts are the facts.

          • Krismina

            I agree. But that said, the testimony stated that his finger wasn’t on the trigger originally and that he got startled and that’s when he fired. I had something somewhat similar happen to myself a few years ago (not holding a gun) but I got startled and I flinched and something negative happened. Thankfully no one got hurt. In this case, someone died. From my understanding, jurors held the gun and made their own judgment call as to whether the gun can go off from someone being startled, and so now the defense is going to appeal since they are not experts

  • virgiljunior

    This is just another attempt in keeping the blacks calm and from rioting and looting.

  • kengi E
    • JEng

      CAAAV doesn’t stand up against triad or make a stink about the targeting of Chinese victims for muggings.

      • kengi E

        That is because they are more educated and think strategically for the long term to what is best for AA in this country instead of letting their emotions control their actions.

        • JEng

          I don’t think that CAAAV is doing what you claim – I think like Lum Chung, they want AAFE’s level of power and funding.

          I’m not interested in dismantling anything for it to be simply replaced by something similarly venal – I want to see correction and amends in the existing institution.

          It’s like keeping Hirohito on the throne instead of taking Mikasa up on his offering himself as the replacement.

      • kengi E

        neither do you guys. When did you protest for that?

        • JEng

          as far as I know, I don’t know anyone else who has a problem with triad and the fact that Chinese delivery guys and ordinary working Chinese get mugged frequently.

          and I’m not in a position to argue against it – I don’t want to be a public figure in anyway and I am hampered by the fact that the corrupt press Sing Tao, World Journal, New York Times felt it appropriate to smear my murdered father for more than ten years while giving his murderers a comparable pass – basically the opposite of what happened with KMT rep Allen Leung and now convicted Raymond Chow.

          I don’t care about KMT aristocracy (one of their princesses actually described herself that way sitting beside me at the China Society in the intro class by Yong Ho). I don’t care if they run the world with their heroin money and are the chosen democracy to rule China (how can they be?) – I don’t care if they run sponsored content in NYC.

          They already murdered my father. My mother collapsed last year because of that weird lawsuit by a commercial tenant who demanded column removal and seems to be connected to the hotelier whose brother in law is a KMT nephew so connected that when China reopened, they all went down to Washington DC and the son of the “King of Yunnan” was there as well.

          I don’t care.

          My father was the opposite of a drug dealer and triad. He never made them feel bad about themselves or disrespected them. But he got into huge trouble because he said eventually the Mainland flag would naturally hang from Chinatown buildings because the PEOPLE are FROM the Mainland – that’s where all our ancestral villages are no matter how long you’ve been the citizen of somewhere else.

          They had no right to smear him, no right to terrorize us and no right to show their hexienbiest faces to us as regulated tenants in the building that was set on fire in 1998 on my father’s birthday AFTER my mother was subpoena’ed without being questioned. That subpoena was a target on her back and months later because I quit my job and took her away for two weeks to show that we wouldn’t be abiding by the subpoena unlike my father – so all that revealed was – the arson and then CAPTURED ON VIDEO, the unnamed woman with the sister of the political candidate trying to hit my mother in the forehead – not the face or the body or ME blocking her – just the forehead – with the wooden handle of an umbrella.

          Why the frontal lobe? She doesn’t KNOW anything. He didn’t KNOW anything. But for some reason it is very important that BOTH not just the murdered one but BOTH my parents must have their characters indelibly smeared.

  • Das Negros

    The verdict shows clearly what is wrong with America today. It has always been about politics and will always be. Though who can blame them after the whole Garner fiasco. Better to throw one under the bus then have mass riots from the negros.


    The news has to spin and race bait everything.