VIDEO: Dyker Heights House Robbed Of Christmas Decoration


A Dyker Heights resident reached out this morning with the sad news that a man had stolen the inflatable Santa from his lawn’s Christmas display.

“Yesterday, at around 5:45 p.m., a male came onto my property and stole a five foot blow-up Santa Claus that I had propped in front of my house,” the resident told us via email.

The blow-up Santa was part of a much larger display which included a waving snowman, light-up gifts and a reindeer, all of which the thief left, only stealing Santa.

“My decoration may be peanuts compared to the numerous houses in the area of Dyker Heights that have thousands and thousands of dollars worth in decorations,” the man went on, saying he feels that, despite his diminutive deocrations he still feels it’s important to report what he feels is a common issue.

“To me I feel this happens more often then not, but nothing is ever done.”

He said the problem extends beyond Christmas decorations to packages left on door steps, which thieves commonly make away with.

“Any help would be greatly appreciated,” he said.

  • ROSALIE907

    I hope that there’s video of this creep.

  • Emerald5Forever

    Hope the thief gets caught…on a related note I am looking forward to Dyker Heights’s Christmas Lights this year.

    • Robert

      Not when you live here.

  • Amy

    I live in Bensonhurst. I have a set of lighted up Mickey & Minnie decoration that was stolen from my front yard last year. I just now deocorate my home with simple lights and stakes. The neighborhood have changed a lot since I moved in 30 years ago.