Even More 1980s Tax Photos Of Coney Island, Cause We Just Can’t Get Enough


Behold, Coney Island, 1983 to 1988, as preserved through Municipal Archives tax photos.

It speaks to Coney Island’s timlessness that if it weren’t for the cars and the phonebooths many of these photos could be mistaken for present day photographs, three decades in the future. The awning fonts and arcade games remain the same today, years after they’ve been displaced, modernized, or rendered archaic in the rest of the city.

Through thick and thin Coney has weathered storms of development, storms of disinvestment, and storms from earth herself. There is little resiliency that can be compared to Coney Island and her patron’s resiliency. Here’s to another hundred years, you beautiful amusement park.

All photos courtesy NYC Municipal Archives

  • god hates you anyway

    “The awning fonts and arcade games remain the same today” – um… have you been, recently? Coney Island post-Sandy is very different. It held strong and slightly seedy for those 30 years, yes, but hurricane sandy swept much of it away. Now it’s homogenized county-faire bullcrap.

  • Some guy

    Pic #10 where the heck is that??