English Soccer Star Frank Lampard Coming To Bay Ridge Tonight — Here’s How To Meet Him

Frank Lampard photo via Wikipedia. Longbow photo via Longbow's Facebook

Frank Lampard photo via Wikipedia. Longbow photo via Longbow’s Facebook

As a reward for winning the Daily Mail and Heineken’s competition for being one of the best soccer bars in New York, Bay Ridge’s Longbow Pub & Pantry will be hosting a meet and greet with all-time leading goalscorer for and 13-year player of England’s Chelsea team, Frank Lampard.

Lampard will be at the pub — located at 7316 Third Avenue — tonight from 7 to 8 p.m., shaking hands and kissing babies and posing for a picture with you and your beer.

Due to Lampard’s popularity and the size of the pub, the Longbow is selecting guests by lottery through an online form. Only 50 guests will be allowed in.

To win yourself a seat, head over to the Longbow’s website and put in a name, email address, and brief message.

According to the competition’s website, numerous other Brooklyn bars made the finals — including Paddy’s of Park Slope and Williamsburg’s Banter Bar — but the Longbow is the only Brooklyn bar to win a visit from Lampard.

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