Does This 21st Avenue Building Have The Lousiest Reputation In Bensonhurst?

Photo via Property Shark

Photo via Property Shark

Bensonhurst’s 7402 21 Avenue, just a few blocks from Seth Low Playground, is a much beleaguered building. The four-story multi-family property has had 12 complaints registered about it since 2009, according the Department of Buildings website.

The earliest complaint, logged in 2009, says illegal conversions were taking place in a number of first floor apartments. From there on out, the majority of the complaints are in regards to loud noise — “There’s construction work being done next door from my home and hteir [sic]using a jack hammer, making a lot of noise and there’s no work order on the door” — a general lack of permits, and one case of construction debris being placed in the back of the building, causing a fire hazard.

Following inspections, the vast majority of complaints were dismissed, with either no violation found or “insufficient information” provided, the inspector unable to locate the address.

We were alerted to the house’s many-complainted state by Twitter watch dog @ChungReport.

The building’s owner, Rockville Centre New York based Verga Realty LLC, could not be reached for comment.

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  • Evan1407

    Verga Realty LLC? Look up the word “verga” in a Spanish dictionary and see what it means. Too funny!