Food Stuffs: Pipe Your Own Cannoli At Cannoli Plus


Cannoli Plus

With the holidays fast approaching and parties to plan, I figured I’d make a pit stop at Cannoli Plus today – a bakery that specializes in the festive Italian desert.

The bakery located at 6903 New Utrecht Avenue is not much to look at from the outside, but if you close your eyes, the plumes of sweet cannoli smoke emanating from Cannoli Plus will lure you in.

Not only are the cannoli at this wholesale bakery known for being super fresh and the perfect combo of crispy and rich, but they are also economical if you are throwing a party. As you enter the cheesy, chocolate-y paradise, you will notice boxes of cannoli shells to your left and freezers full of cannoli cream. This is the DIY cannoli supply section – perfect for that 30-guest Christmas dinner you are planning. For just $8.00, you can buy a container of frozen cannoli filling, and $10.00 will get you a box of 24 shells, bringing your total to just 18 bucks.

I was looking to sample one of their fancier shells, so I turned to the counter which displayed a dizzying array of chocolate dipped, powdered, and crusted shells. They come in large, small, chocolate, vanilla, and several kinds of nutty. The shells are baked the same day on the premises, and cost between $1.50 and $2.50 a piece, including the ricotta cream filling. I selected a pair of chocolate-covered and plain-vanilla shells and the woman behind the counter briefly disappeared into the kitchen – only to return with two freshly piped cannoli.

Verdict? They definitely lived up to the hype. One indicator of a truly masterful desert is the mess it leaves behind. When I was done, I was covered from head-to-toe in delicious confectionary sugar.

Read more about why people love Cannoli Plus on Yelp, or just place an order (718) 331-1058.


Assorted cannoli shells.


Finger lickin’ good.


DIY Cannolis

Cannoli supplies.

  • ROSALIE907

    Someone I know told me about this place several years ago but didn’t know the name or the exact location and never got back to me with it. Thank you, I will be going to Cannoli Plus to get their supplies for Christmas.