60th Precinct Crime Blotter: Perp Pulls Baby’s Head, Robs Mother While They Wait To Take Christmas Photos


Source: mikey_k via Flickr

This is a blotter of this past week’s crime in the 60th Precinct, which includes Coney Island, Brighton Beach, and Gravesend. We’ve divided the crimes up by type: robbery, assault, burglary, and larceny.

For those who aren’t familiar with the police jargon, robbery is different than burglary in that burglary means breaking into a place where you’re not supposed to be to steal something. Robbery involves using force or fear to steal something directly from someone.

Let’s start with the assaults from last week:

Harway Avenue strangling

A 43-year-old woman’s boyfriend came into her Harway Avenue apartment without her permission at half past noon on December 6. The boyfriend, who is 42 years old, put his hands around her neck and proceeded to choke her. While the woman did not pass out, she reported having difficulty swallowing a sore throat.

According to the woman, the man hangs out around Chinatown and has no social media or family in the area.

Don’t kill the messenger

While breaking up a verbal dispute between a black 17-year-old and his girlfriend at 2630 Benson Avenue the man pushed and punched a school safety agent. The victim’s forehead swelled as a result. This happened on December 6.

And that’s why you lock your car

On December 11 a 29-year-old woman had her car stolen off Stillwell Avenue after she left it running, unlocked, and unattended, walking into a nearby location only to turn around and see an unidentified male in the drivers seat, driving away.

Moving onto robberies.

Stranger danger

At 10 p.m. on December 2 a woman was walking home to Avenue W from shopping when a black female stranger punched the woman in the face and stole $20 from her pockets.

Baby grabber

A 23-year-old black female was standing on West 23rd Street on the afternoon of December 7, waiting for her baby’s father to take a Christmas photo. A man then came up to her, grabbed her baby by the head causing “red visible marks on the baby’s head”, according to the report. The perp then grabbed the mother’s wallet and cell phone from her front coat pocket and fled in a car.

Coffeeshop crisis

A 62-year-old white woman had her life threatened by a perp who followed the woman into Gena’s Caffe Cappuccino, said he was going to kill her and took her cellphone. This happened on the evening of December 8.

And finally, burglaries.

Wannabe bank robber

A man broke into the Capital One Bank at 504 Neptune Avenue through the back window at 9 p.m. on December 5. He’s been caught.