86th Street’s Meats Supreme To Close Tomorrow After Decades In Bensonhurst


Meats Supreme’s Bensonhurst location, which is closing tomorrow. Photo by Hannah Frishberg

Local grocer and butcher Meats Supreme will be closing shop in Bensonhurst for good following tomorrow’s hours after many decades in the neighborhood.

“Between this and the Carvel on Bath Avenue being sold, my neighborhood will never be the same,” an area resident bemoaned via email on the meat market’s closing.

Despite tomorrow being Meats Supreme's last day in business in Bensonhurst, the shelves were fully stocked. Photo by Hannah Frishberg

Despite tomorrow being Meats Supreme’s last day in business in Bensonhurst, the shelves were fully stocked. Photo by Hannah Frishberg

Meats Supreme’s Bensonhurst location at 2229 86th Street is a longtime neighborhood landmark, one of four branches of the gourmet market and catering chain. The other three locations are in Mill Basin, Gravesend, and a second Bensonhurst branch at 1949 86th Street. According to employees, the other stores will remain open with normal hours. “Hopefully it’ll be better,” an employee at the Gravesend branch said with a laugh, regarding how the Bensonhurst’s branch closure will impact his customers.

A landmark southern Brooklyn grocery store, Meats Supreme has been in the borough since 1951. Their slogan is “Where Brooklyn Goes to Shop”. In addition to their eponymous meat section, their stores also features a deli, grocery department, and a bakery.

A sign posted on the front door. Photo by Hanna Frishberg

A sign posted on the front door. Photo by Hannah Frishberg

“This neighborhood has changed,” area resident and Meats Supreme customer Raymond Rooney said of the store’s closing, shaking his head.

In all caps, a sign outside the store, which is located under the elevated subway on a street dense with other, largely Asian, supermarkets, thanks its patrons for their years of service and announces the closing date as Saturday, October 15. According to a store employee, the sign was put up earlier this month.

Why the Bensonhust branch of Meats Supreme is closing is unclear, and employees and managers claimed to not know why.

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  • Black Adam

    Likely to be replaced by a Chinese chicken slaughter house.
    Anyone that still lives there that has for decades and has no problem with this may you get Kung Fued on Bay Parklay and Clopsey.

    • brooklynative

      neighborhoods are always changing in NYC. get over it kid.

      • Black Adam

        Just exercising my freedom of speech you sub human asshole.

        • Bob S.

          Says the racist subhuman asshole.

          • Black Adam

            Yes….a racist against a breed of people that take over and never spend a dime on anything other then their own culture. That won’t learn English…that laugh at you behind your back That’s why everything is closing down…that’s why I got the hell out of Chinkyhurst….it is a disgrace to my forefathers that built up the neighborhood. I’d like to see them try to move into a black neighborhood….they would get killed.

          • Veronica

            What a racist comment! You are just jealous. Many of us know English, have high education and spending power. Many of us also go to Meat Supreme for many years and we are sad it’s closing too. Go get some education!

          • Black Adam

            0.9% is a small percentage.

          • Bob S.

            The fact that you think violence is the right approach speaks more to your ignorant character than it does the values of Asians.

            I for one am glad you “got the hell out of” Bensonhurst – we don’t need close-minded imbeciles like yourself polluting an otherwise beautiful neighborhood with your hateful rhetoric.

          • Black Adam

            Violence is what this country is built on……ask an Apache.

          • Vincent F

            If they never spent a dime then they couldn’t possibly be “taking over”. If I’m not mistaken many people native to the neighborhood are moving out because they sold out. They chose money and moved to Staten Island and Chinese people spend millions on their houses. You’re so ignorant to be making these comments. I think you oughta move out of chinkyhurst. Quit blaming an entire race for a issue you know nothing of. Theres plenty of whites and Asians who live in “black neighborhoods” and don’t get killed.

          • Black Adam

            Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of me and my family leaving that rotten chinkyhurst. I now live in a small city in Virginia. Everyone speaks English. We sit on our porch in the morning enjoying coffee and neighbors say hello. People work in factories producing American products that helps the economy. People will help you during a snowstorm and snowblow your drive way for free…unlike the Mexicans running around trying to make a quick buck. People help each other by passing around used clothes for the needy ALL THE TIME. teenagers get jobs in eateries…another job the Mexicans are stealing from deserving BORN AND BRED AMERICANS.

            People buy American cars and products. There are still Mom and pop stores.Neighbors greet new neighbors with home made preservatives. People watch each others children. People will help you with repairs.
            People help care for pets. This is what America should be. Not Immigrants taking over and not giving two fucks about adopting to the american way.

            I guess my problem is I think back to the old days when our neighbor gave my mom fresh Basilagol for Sunday’s gravy. When my friend’s mom would invite me over for fresh matzo ball soup. When kids played in the streets with each other. When the library was a learning facilitary. When houses proudly flew the American flag.When store fronts signs were writen in English not Gobbledegook.

            So Vinny F U….enjoy the swill you live in. I am out of that Chink/Mexican/camel jockey/ of a fuckin’ slum you love!!

          • Tootswiked

            businesses are affected by the market.. not the community. BJ’s down the street definitely helped this meat market right?

            mom and pop stores can’t survive in ny because of the high rent.. another product of gentrification, not the chinese moving in.

            “I guess my problem is I think back to the old days when our neighbor gave my mom fresh Basilagol for Sunday’s gravy. When my friend’s mom would invite me over for fresh matzo ball soup. When kids played in the streets with each other. When the library was a learning facilitary with books in English to educate the youth.. When houses proudly flew the American flag.”

            So move next to your old neighbor? Or your friends mom? Sound like a discriminatory bigot who isn’t getting what they want. I hope the next asian you befriend looks at you with disgust and says damn I guess my problem is that you’re not chinese, don’t speak chinese, don’t give my parents chinese treats.

            The library is not a learning facility anymore? Or in your words facilitary?

            Education is the greatest equalizer, and doesn’t discriminate. Those who want to learn will survive, those who don’t will.. move.

            Glad you guys moved to virginia, since the community is small you will be able to clearly see the lack of impact you have on your community, like how Brooklyn will not crumble at the slightest with the move of your family.

          • Megatron Rules

            You’re most likely Italian though you wouldn’t want to admit it. First of all, the Italians of old Bensonhurst were leaving the neighborhood in the 1980s. The Italian population use to be close to 100% but it’s now down to 22%. This didn’t happen overnight. The Chinese started trickling in during the 90s and much more after 2000. Face the facts, the new Italian generation outgrew Bensonhurst and wanted a new place to call home in Staten Island and New Jersey. Why live in a small little house in Bensonhurst while you can get twice the size for the same price in Staten Island.

            Also, Mexicans are not stealing anyone’s jobs. Think about this, if the Mexicans had a job in the states, that must mean a white person offer them the job in the first place. Almost every Italian ristorante employs Mexicans in the kitchen or for delivery. Shouldn’t you be mad at the owner instead? But he would tell you to F off if you dare call him a traitor. Italian business owners are smart enough to employ hard working immigrants, who’s willing to keep the mouth shut, take orders, and work for less money.

          • Black Adam

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          • Andy

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          • Black Adam

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          • Michael Anthony

            They hired them because of their cheap wages and no health care

          • Sean F

            Not that you are worth responding to, you pigheaded unAmerican dweeb, but your description of good old backwater Virginia sounds a lot like Bensonhurst. Nearly all of my Asian neighbors speak English (many better than some of the older Italians in my own family). But, since American doesn’t have an official language, it’s perfectly fine that some of them do not speak English.

            We haven’t had factories here in Bensonhurst for decades, but what we do have is hundreds of mom-and-pop stores. They just happen to be run by people of Asian, Russian and Middle Eastern descent. They are doing it in the storefronts that the Italians abandoned decades ago. In the 80s, 86th Street was a wasteland of empty, graffitied storefronts. Now, it’s a bustling commercial district, creating jobs for all kinds of people.

            People here help in all kinds of situations. One of my Chinese neighbors snowblows them entire street, on both sides, every time there is snow. Yes, we have Mexican kids ringing the bell offer to shovel snow or rake leaves, but that’s because the white kids who live around here are too busy being glued to their Playstations to do it. All of my kids’ teenage friends work in eateries, everything from little cafes to bakeries to McD’s to Gargiulos.

            Personally, I prefer American made cars, but you can’t beat the fact that Honda, Toyota and Hyundai make better cars that get better gas mileage, and last longer than anything Detroit makes (btw, most “American” cars are either made in Asia, or actually owned by non-American companies). We have plenty of babysitters to watch our kids. Aside from the Asian guy with the snowblower, everyone on my block shares tools and offers a hand in repairs.

            We exchange ingredients from a wide variety of cuisines grown in our own yards with our neighbors, and they with us. My Chinese neighbors grow tomatoes that would have given my Italian uncle’s award-winning tomatoes a run for their money.

            I’ll grant you that the kids here don’t play on the streets, but damn the Wii and Playstation and the iPhone for that, not the neighbors. I volunteer at several local libraries. They are full to the brim with books in English, as well as other languages, and they are always full of kids and families, using those books (it’s not just all about the computers). Plenty of people proudly fly the American flag here. Some are even patriotic enough to make sure their flag is taken inside when it rains, and is lit up at night, as required by the U.S. Flag Code. Very few storefronts are lacking in English language signs, but again English isn’t the official language of the U.S. In fact, in the next 10 years, more people in the U.S. will speak Spanish or Chinese than speak Asian, with Arabic a close third.

            As you say, you left Bensonhurst a year ago. Be so kind as to take your bigoted, ignorant commentary, and leave the Bensonhurst Bean, too. You are gone from here, and I hope the door hit you good and hard on the ass on your way through the Verrazano tolls. The Bensonhurst you miss still exists, and it’s much better off without people like you.

          • Black Adam

            I will not read your responSe because you have no idea what makes America great. As the Great Dave Chapelle once said…”WELCOME TO THE CHINA CLUB…CHINGING CHINGING CHOW CHOW CHING”

          • Sean F

            What makes America great is diversity. But you go ahead and stand in the corner holding your breath until you turn blue, and the world passes you by.

          • Dorothy Berman

            Sean, there is a good word for you

          • Dorothy Berman

            …. and that word is “mensch” which is the Hebrew word for a good, decent human being. All you said above is correct. There’s nothing you can do with a bigot- and whose ancestors were immigrants to this country as well.

          • Sean F

            Thank you, Dorothy. I consider that a great compliment generally, but more so from you.

          • Casual Observer

            Mensch is a Yiddish word.

          • Dorothy Berman

            You’re right.

          • Black Adam

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          • Black Adam

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          • Black Adams Butt Hurt

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          • Black Adam is An Asshole

            yeah yeah..awesome.. one less racist bastard in bensonhurst…. good luck voting for Trump…

          • Man with shirt

            Your forefathers didn’t build up the neighborhood. They turned a tranquil quiet place into an ugly sprawling city. THAT is a true disgrace!

          • RICH COHEN

            Don’t worry, it will be replaced by a Kosher supermarket.

          • Black Adam

            I miss Hytulip. Great deli.

          • Miriam Heisler

            The Chinese are probably the most tolerant people you will ever come across in your life. If you go into any Italian food store or bakery you will see Chinese shopping there. I am not Chinese and I shop in the Chinese markets because they have a large variety of items and are affordable and yes, they speak English.
            You must be very self conscious if you think these people are laughing at you behind your back.

          • Black Adam

            Hide your pets…….

        • Emerald5Forever

          Ha ha ha, damn, Adam, back with the racist comments?

          It’s funny how people always use that excuse when they say or do something shitty.

    • Andy

      Why the hatred… why the racist…. You’re probably the idiot that left too soon.. Your home would have probably worth a lot more today with all the chinese moving in… Get over it.. and glad you over the fuck out… racist asshole…

      • Black Adam

        Andy……….your comment makes you so cool….chink on!

        • I’m your father

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  • Lady Deborah Moody

    The rent must be sky high because I would think this location does more business than the on on 86th and 19th.


      Yes, the property owner is Italian…

  • Sean F

    I believe that is their largest location. I’d bet the lease is up, and the landlord figures he can get more by redividing into two stores. I wish they would fix up the one near 20th Ave to be as nice as this one was.

  • ROSALIE907

    Too bad although I didn’t shop at this Meat Supreme because of the problem parking and shop at the one located on Avenue U and West 6th Steet where I never have a problem parking. The entire area is changing and it’s sad to see all these stores that have catered to the Italian community closing down.

  • Suzi La Regina

    I’ve always preferred the 1949 86th Street location. The 2229 86th Street store became a “wannabe” gourmet shop — similar merchandise as other stores in the neighborhood at higher prices.

  • Christina

    I love this store. Meat is always fresh, knew everyone from the cashier, deli men/women on a personal level. Could always custom order anything I needed. Thank you Vinny, Bart, Lorraine, Marcus, George, JoJo, Eli and everyone else here. You all will be missed.

  • Oliver

    Remember when they used to throw hay on the floor?

  • Robert D
  • Ray Costanza

    This was coming for a long time. It is one thing to be expensive. It is another to feel like you were being gouged. They were charging Park Slope prices in Bensonhurst. The Chinese stores were killing them on price. In this economy, charging $6 a pound for ground chuck was ridiculous. When they did realize they had to come down somewhat on price, it was too late. It got to the point where I only bought stuff like bread, and eggs if on sale, in there. Sad that an institution closed its doors, but I cannot say that I am surprised.

    • Sean F

      Very true, Ray. I have wondered for a while why a chain like Meats Supreme couldn’t beat the price at my local Russian mom-and-pop on milk and eggs. You would think they wouod have more buying power. (At the same time, my local Korean mom-and-pop touts milk at $1 per gal. more than Meats Supreme as a sale price.)

      Although we still prefer Meats Supreme for sausage and ground beef, we have moved most of our meat buying to the Asian supermarkets. The prices are great, and the quality is excellent, and there is nothing like having it cut to order right in front of you.

      Meats Supreme was also too late in their fresh vegetable offerings. Other stores got those shoppers sooner, and wasn’t scaring them off with signs that said “fresh farm-to-market” (aka over-priced). It is sad to seevthem go, but businesses need to be faster to respond to market conditions.

  • emme

    Let’s get real, Meats Supreme only survived for so long because there were no other options in the neighborhood. I used to go there weekly to get cold cuts for my lunches. The only other supermarket in the area at the time was Associated. But once the other markets opened, there were more options. The neighborhood may have changed but if you offer the things people want, you will not lose business. I go to Vucciria for my groceries now because they offer more variety at reasonable prices. Meats Supreme didn’t offer that. They sold organic eggs for $5 and next door sold it for $4. Where would I go for eggs? Meats Supreme also had a phase where they had trouble getting rid of expired items. Let’s not even get started with their cashiers who would rather chat among themselves than actually do their job. It was just overall unpleasant there. It’s unfortunate that Bensonhurst has lost another non-Asian and non-Russian market. But they didn’t change with the neighborhood and they suffered the consequences. I don’t see Vucciria suffering and they have all different types of customers. I grew up with Meats Supreme and now it’s gone. I hope something just as worthy takes its place.

    • Ray Costanza

      And Vucciria is open 24/7, so it makes life a bit easier.

  • DedHed56

    About ‘black adam’ – once a racist always a racist. You good people shouldn’t waste your time or energy – he’s not worth it.

    • Black Adam

      Shuddup you filthy hippy.

    • Sean F

      Quite so, DedHed56. I guess they don’t have much to do for entertainment in the backwoods of Ole Virginy. Black Adam was always a second-rate villain in the Shazam comics. Mr. Mind the talking worm was a more worthy opponent for Captain Marvel than B.A.