It’s A Girl! Cops Deliver Baby In Front Of 62nd Precinct [Corrected]


Bensonhurst has seen its share of hero cops over the years — officers going beyond the call of duty to aid residents in distress. Our local police men and women sometimes find themselves performing the Heimlich Maneuver at the 18th Avenue Feast, reuniting lost children with their frantic parents, and intercepting suicide attempts on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

All those moments pale in comparison to Sunday afternoon, when two officers from the 62nd Precinct delivered a healthy baby girl on the front steps of the precinct.

A woman rushed into the station house on Sunday August 7, at 6:45pm, saying her niece, who was en route to Lutheran Medical Center was about to give birth in the car, according to the NYPD. Officers Mike Lunetta and Mathew Brady rushed to the car that was outside the precinct and found the mother in active labor.

Officer Brady told us there were only three officers at the precinct at the time, all of them men. None had had any training in delivering a baby, but their instincts kicked in.

“There was not enough time to think about it, it just happened,” Officer Brady told Bensonhurst Bean. “Mike Lunetta is your man. He was right there; he encouraged her to push and breath. He told the mother it was a girl.”

After a suspenseful moment, the baby began to cry, and Lunetta hander her off to Brady, who wrapped the infant in a cloth, according to Brady.

EMS workers arrived and took the mother and baby, who was named Noor, to a local hospital where they are both are doing well. The 62nd Precinct tweeted out a photo of the infant with the police officers at the hospital yesterday, and the little cutie even caught the eye of Police Commissioner William Bratton.

Congrats to the family on their beautiful bundle of joy!

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated — based on erroneous information from the NYPD’s press office — that the baby was a boy. Officers from the 62nd Precinct have confirmed that the baby is a girl!

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  • Sean F

    Well done, Officers Lunetta and Brady. And Mom, of course. It’s good to see our local police getting notice for positive actions. People forget too quickly and easily the good that first responders do. May God bless the baby with much health and happiness, and may he watch over these fine officers.

  • Emerald5Forever

    That is amazing, great job.