City Solicits Proposals For Coney Island Creek Development


The proposed development site at 2658 Stillwell Avenue (source: Google Maps)

After years of making changes to Coney Island’s beach and amusement areas, city officials are looking to bring development to a space near the neighborhood’s long-overlooked creek.

According to a New York Post article from earlier this week, the city’s Economic Development Corporation has begun making inquiries into potential buyers’ plans for the property.

The 48,000 square foot parcel, located at 2658 Stillwell Avenue, could possibly become home to retail, office space, hotels, community space or even an industrial park.

From the Post:

“This site would be perfect to support the anticipated development of hotels and year-round amusements within the entertainment district, and I remain hopeful that respondents will explore providing public access to Coney Island Creek—along with habitat and shoreline restoration—which I envision as an ideal place to promote human-powered boating,” said Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz.

“I look forward to working with the mayor, EDC, our elected officials and community partners to see this property developed in a manner complimentary to the objectives of the Coney Island Plan, which will help ensure that Coney’s best days as America’s Playground for the 21st century are yet to come,” he added.

Despite Markowitz’s enthusiasm for boating, Coney Island creek is currently not zoned for it.

Additionally, while not as notorious (or STD infected) as the Gowanus canal, any prospective developer -particularly one looking at the feasibility of recreational boating – would have to deal with a body of water that’s been a dumping ground for decades.

The Coney Island Revitalization Plan seeks to create “a mixed-use neighborhood” that would include new retail options and close to 5,000 new homes – including 900 income-targeted units; as well as more than 25,000 construction jobs and 6,000 permanent jobs.

The deadline for proposals is Feb. 13, 2012.

What type of development would you like to see in Coney Island?


  • Ned Berke

    Better quality affordable housing would be a start. I’m always surprised – and shocked – when I see some of the homes there. Some are little more than converted garages with corrugated aluminum roofs.

    I hope it doesn’t become an industrial park, nor do I like the idea of hotels (they just turn seedy on this end of Brooklyn), but I do hope to see something that compliments the amusement area. Some open public space would be great, too!