71st Street Mystery: Bombed-Out Car Rots On Quiet Bensonhurst Block


Car exploded on 71st Street.

A bombed out car has been languishing on a quiet residential 71st Street block for over a week, but police say little information is available yet about the car’s owner or the cause for the explosion.

We were able to confirm with the FDNY that fire units responded to a car blaze in front of 2113 71st Street, near 21st Avenue, on August 7 at 5am. The fire was extinguished and fire marshals were notified.

A “derelict vehicle” complaint was filed with 311 by a neighbor on August 8, records show, but as of Monday, August 15, the decimated red car is still parked in front of the home and the investigation is still ongoing, according to police and fire officials.

The abandoned vehicle reeks of smoke, the doors have been flung open, and the street is still littered with black ash and glass.

A resident who lives in a neighboring home just shrugged when we asked whose car it was. Authorities say there were no injuries.

Know anything about how this car caught fire? Did it spontaneously combust? Send tips and conspiracy theories to [email protected].

(Photo by Rachel SIlberstein/Bensonhurst Bean)

(Photo by Rachel SIlberstein/Bensonhurst Bean)

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    Hey, as long as they keep moving it for alternate side parking there’s not much the city can do.