• Image courtesy of Councilman Greenfield’s offices

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School students, staff and Councilman David Greenfield were overjoyed to cut the ribbon yesterday afternoon on their brand new $3 million athletic field.

    FDR’s (5800 20th Avenue) football, softball, soccer and other teams did not have their own field to practice on. The Cougars, FDR’s the football team, have been known to practice on any free green space they could find. This includes practicing in Gravesend Park, without the proper permissions.

    The new 50-yard field was built over the asphalt lot at FDR. Initially started by then Councilman Simcha Felder with the support of Mayor Bloomberg, the project continued with the support of many local politicians including Greenfield.

    “It was a pleasure to join the entire FDR family to celebrate this great new football field and the investment it represents in this terrific school. I am proud that years of effort and advocacy have paid off with this state of the art field, which will be used by generations of FDR student-athletes in the years to come. Today’s ribbon cutting shows what we can accomplish by working together towards a common goal and refusing to give up,” said Councilman David Greenfield in a release.

    Also in attendance for the big event were Principal Steven Demarco, former Principal Geraldine Maione, Assistant Principal of Physical Education Bob Pertsas, coaches, team members, cheerleaders and the FDR marching band.

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    • brooklynisamess

      $3 million??? For a school that the Board of Ed threatens to close every year? Do you really think that was a wise use of funds?

    • EndofDaze

      The original plans for FDR, when it was built in the mid 1960′s, called for a real High School field (even an attached pool annex!) where this former courtyard is, along with the adjacent area where they park the sanitation trucks. That was nixed because the local politcos at the time were weaklings. Now, more of a general Brooklyn High School, rather than a neighborhood High School, because of the profound change in demographics in Borough Park, and eastern Bensonhurst, these past twenty five years, the building of this field was long overdue, But calling a 50 yard football field, state of the art, is somewhat questionable. Addtionally, Greenfield and Felder should be ashamed of their Orthodox selves for letting the Tennis Courts in the nearby Park, which were there for over seventy five years, and used by the High School, and its’ Tennis team, be turned into a Roller Hockey Rink, a few years back. Where are those students suppose to go? But oy vey, what would they know?! Nonetheless, this one mittnagedim, and former Navigator, says kudos to this new athletic field! Go FDR! We’re still with you FDR! And, oh well, Go Cougars?!