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    The beloved New Utrecht Library at 1743 86th Street is closing down. Fear not, the doors will only be shut for a month starting today to improve the space and upgrade the technology.

    The library will reopen on February 19, according to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

    Councilman Vincent Gentile believes that a technology upgrade for public libraries is a needed advancement in the digital age.

    “Whether it’s helping adults upgrade work skills and find jobs, fostering reading skills in young people, assisting immigrants with assimilation or providing access to technology for those without a computer or Internet connection at home in this new digital age, New York City’s public libraries are serving more people in more ways than ever before,” he said.

    The Brooklyn Public Library has started a campaign throughout all of the boroughs to enhance digital usage of library materials.

    The Daily Eagle listed a few of the other local branches that library users can head over to while the New Utrecht branch is closed:

    The Dyker Heights Library, 8202 13th Ave.; the Highlawn Library, 1664 West 13th St.; the Mapleton Library, 1702 60th St.; and the Ulmer Park Library, 2602 Bath Ave.

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