Crime Blotter: Daytime Break-Ins, Gunpoint Robberies, Foot Locker Thieves


Here’s our roundup of some of the crime reports that happened in and around Bensonhurst in the last two weeks, courtesy of the NYPD’s 62nd Precinct.

  • A daring thief broke in through back window of a home while the residents were still awake watching TV and their daughter was asleep in her room, say NYPD sources. The robber entered through an already broken window at 11:30pm on February 19. According to cops, the perp the stole $100 dollars before fleeing.
  • Foot Locker was hit by six men, who stole several Nike Tech pants and windbreakers before fleeing, according to police. The perps attacked on February 18 and fled down 86th Street making a right on 21st Avenue. Evidence was collected from a jacket left behind by one of the perps. This is not the first time Footlocker has had to deal with crime. In 2014, a man was arrested for spying on his fellow female employees in the bathroom.
  • A 47-year-old woman had a scary experience this week, when she turned to see a man attempting to enter the apartment through her window in broad daylight on February 22, according to police. She yelled and it startled the perp who fled down the street. The 15-year-old white male was then arrested and found to have a machete in his bag.
  • On February 22, five masked thugs pulled a gun on a 36-year-old man and robbed him of $220 while he was walking home, cops say. The perps then fled down 72nd Street towards 14th Avenue. The robbers were captured on camera and the police are following up on the case.
  • A woman who fell asleep on a bus heading down 86th Street on February 15 found that her wallet was missing when she woke up, according to a police report. She was notified by the bank that there were two unauthorized transactions on her debit card totaling $170.

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  • King Mills

    When you allow the “riff-raff” in to your neighborhoods via low income housing and rental prices, this is exactly what you can expect to continue happening. Thus the need for modernization, gentrification and major police presence in the area.

    • Floyd Barber

      this post is fucking dumb. go live in williamsburg if you feel so unsafe u fucken wannabe yuppie trash

      • King Mills

        Your hatred and disdain towards the wealthy is showing. Bigot.

        Do you need some national crime statistics to show the demographics of these types of crimes in America?

        • Sean F

          It is not hatred for the wealthy to know that it is the wealthy who create the need for low-income housing by refusing to pay people a real living wage; by not paying their fair share of taxes to support education; and by moving manufacturing jobs overseas and leaving Americans unemployed.

          If you get the modernization and gentrification you want, where exactly are the lower income people supposed to live? Are they just supposed to move out to make room for you and your wallet? If anyone here is a bigot, it is you toward the poor and working class who make up the majority of the people who live here.

          But, I disagree with Floyd on one point. Please don’t go live in Williamsburg because the would keep you in Brooklyn, where you don’t belong. Go back to whatever backwater, podunk town you came from, and gentrify that place.

          • King Mills

            **Yawn** What are you the liberal/democratic spokesperson? I mean come on, how many talking points are you trying to use in one paragraph????
            And where do I want these people to live, that chose to live in the most expensive city in the United States?! HMMM, real tough!! How about ANYWHERE that is cheaper?!?! Or does entitlement work in your world? What gives someone the right to live in NYC vs. a cheaper one? You only have the freedom of what you can afford. You seem to be living with a lot of denial about that. Money plays… everyone else has to go along.
            My family arrived in 1620… how about yours?

          • Sean F

            I am, by no means, a liberal democrat. I am a Catholic Christian, and that is what informs my ethics.

            What gives those people the right to live here is the right of being born in this city. Or the right of joining family who already live here. Or any number of reasons not related to their socio-economic status.

            The wealthy have the ability to level the economic playing field, and give the poor and working class opportunities to better their situations. It is the wealthy who just want to sweep them under the rug, as you do.

            The people who came here in 1620 were Christians. They would be disgraced to call you family.

          • King Mills

            You sure use their talking points. And your refusal of capitalism is outstanding.

            Who wasn’t born here and have other family born here? Surly you are not inferring me!?

            No one has the right to stay in any one place. Learn to understand that. Not the Italians. Not the Dutch. Not the Chinese. Not the poor. Not the wealthy. Everyone gets displaced. That’s life.

            I hope you plan to attend confession later today after directing insults towards my family and I.
            Or is attacking ones family the new Christian way? Your true colors have been shown. Shame.

          • Sean F

            I love how people see the truth as “talking points”, as though we are all politicians trying to get elected to some office. I’m talking about common human decency, and concern for one’s fellow man. Nothing political about it.

            Well, let’s see. My father had aunts and uncles who lived in Brooklyn before he came here. His aunt and my grandmother were born here. My wife also had relatives here before she came here. You asked “What gives someone the right to live in NYC vs. a cheaper one?” I say, right of birth and family. NYC is a very economical city to live in, if one has reasonable expectations, and doesn’t think Gucci and Ferrari are gods to be worshiped. I get by just fine on Timex and Plymouth.

            Everyone has the right to stay in one place. No one has the right to push them out, even if they have the money or the power to push them out.

            I didn’t insult your family. In fact, I complimented them since I assume that they were Christian people of good will who believed in love thy neighbor and help the poor.

            Though, I am curious. You keep mentioning this 1620 date. For most Americans, that implies Plymouth Rock and the Pilgrims, though there were certainly Dutch settlers in New Amsterdam and others in other parts of the country at that time. Do you trace your family back to the Mayflower? Or did your family come directly to New Amsterdam? Is your family tree exclusively WASP, or did anyone ever intermarry with another ethnicity? Were you, personally, born and raised in Brooklyn? 1620 leads to a lot of assumptions. I’d like to know more, to see if I am possibly wrong in my mental picture of you.

          • King Mills

            And please.. do you honestly believe crime is not higher in low-income areas then in wealthy? If so, I have some magic beans I will sell you.

  • Vivian L

    Any updates on the masked suspects?