First Official Notices Sent Out To City Stores For Controversial Plastic Bag Bill


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Last week stores citywide began receiving the first official notices reminding them that, as of February 15, 2017, they will need to charge customers five-cents for all plastic bags. The notice reads, as per a photo of it published on the Brooklyn Eagle:

Pursuant to New York City law, all carryout bags provided by this store to a customer, with limited exceptions, shall be subject to a fee of not less than five cents ($0.05) per bag.

Carryout bags brought by customers into this store to carry purchased goods from this store shall not be subject to a fee.

The City Council’s controversial plastic bag fee legislation — which passed on May 5 — was initially intended to start in October but became held up in Albany thanks to opposition from state legislators, who call the fee a “tax on the poor” targeting lower income residents, the elderly, and others on fixed-incomes.

The bill is intended to cut New Yorker’s reliance on environmentally hazardous single-use shopping bags, of which New Yorkers contribute roughly 10 billion bags to landfills every year, according to the Department of Sanitation.

The legislation stirred fierce controversy in the City Council, where it narrowly passed 28-20. Debate raged between pro-bag fee Council Member Brad Lander, representing Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Kensington, and Boro Park; and anti-bag fee Council Member Chaim Deutsch, representing sections of Midwood, Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Bay. The fee was opposed by council members in our area as well, including David Greenfield, Mark Treyger, and Vincent Gentile who voted against the legislation.

[H/t: Brooklyn Eagle]

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  • Linda

    This doesn’t have to be so traumatic. Believe it or not, there was a time when we didn’t have plastic bags. We used paper or whatever cloth bags we had. It’ll just take a little adjusting and things will be fine. There’s a lot of other real problems to worry about.

  • ROSALIE907

    The only problem I have is why are these stores allowed to keep the monies generated by these plastic bags, it should go to environmental issues. To those complaining about the charge, when you buy soda you get charged $.05 per bottle and this doesn’t stop you from buying the soda now does it?

    • ringranger1

      You can get that back by returning/recycling the bottle. How do I get this money back?

  • Cannabus Jeff

    Why is this bill even passed? What are people going to use for their garbage? Are we going to go out & buy expensive “Plastic Bags” that will cause the same problems. Leave it our nutty city council to not looking into the future. No one ever thinks down the road when passing laws

  • Emily

    Does no one reuse these bags as trash bags? Its cheaper to pay the 5 cents for these bags than to buy dedicated trash bags.