Guess That Bensonhurst Street: How Many Of These Historic 18th Avenue Images Can You Place?


How familiar are you with Bensonhurst’s history? So much has changed since these photos were taken, you might be a neighborhood native and still not recognize what your street looked like a half century ago. Take a look at the below pictures to test your knowledge. Their addresses, along with a modern photo of the spot, are at the end — no cheating!

1. Photo via NYPL

2. Photo via NYPL

3. Photo via NYPL

Are you ready? Scroll down past Caesar’s Bay for the answers!

Photo via Yelp user Tara B.

1. 1923 — New Utrecht Dutch Reformed Church

The church still stands today.

Photo via Google Maps

From the photo’s caption:

This is the New Utrecht Dutch Reformed Church. In the background, is the Van Pelt Manor, built in 1664, acquired by the City of New York, in 1925.

2. Avenue in 1922

Today the property is an Apple Bank.

Photo via Google Maps

From the photo’s caption:

An old frame mansion, once a hotel and later P.S. No. 188. In 1925 it was occupied by the John Hughes Council, Knights of Columbus, No. 481.

3. Avenue in 1925

Today the street is bustling with activity and is lined with commercial businesses.

Photo via Google Maps

From the photo’s caption:

When 68th Street joins Eighteenth with Nineteenth Aves., this house will be demolished, as the street will run through the house. In 1857 to 1873 it was the residence of D. Robert, later it became the Kallman Orphanage.

Do well? Do poorly? Give yourself another shot and guess at these historic neighborhood photos

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    Love these old images of the neighborhood. Helps keep the history and knowledge alive. Keep them up!